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S Y R A C U S E ART TELEVISION Utica museum features Golden Age of European painting Page 22 FREE Is it time to talk up a reunion for Joss Whedon’s Firefly? Page 25 W W W. S Y R A C U S E N E W T I M E S . C O M Redhouse Arts Center plans to move to heart of downtown, expand 14 MUSIC East meets West in Week 2 at the Skaneateles Festival 23 STAGE Merry-GoRound’s dynamite On the Town challenges complacency 24 AUGUST 13 - 19 NEWS ISSUE NUMBER 4473 County plans training in reaction to shipments of volatile crude oil 11 READ! SHARE! RECYCLE! NEWS WE WANT YOU… … to vote for Best of Syracuse® What to do? Look inside!

8-13-14 syracuse new times

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