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Living Space Outdoor living in the city? Yes, if you find the right apartment. Page 34 KRAMER Electra 225 doesn’t like being flaunted in Bouckville. 11 FILM It’d take a transformation to make ’bot film good. 24 FOOD Side Hill shop grows in Manlius. 36 J u l y 2 nd - J u l y 8 th 18 issue number 3480 Figure drawing group has met over 25 years. read! share! recycle! ARTS S Y R A C U S E FREE w w w. s y r a c u s e n e w t i m e s . c o m “YOU’RE NOT DONE YET” Student-athlete Wendall Williams talks about the moment the light went on Television Aereo shuts, but it won’t stop surge toward video streaming online. Page 22

7-2-14 Syracuse New Times

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