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S Y R A C U S E PARTING SHOT NEWS We must stop trivializing women in sexual assault cases. Page 50 FREE W W W. S Y R A C U S E N E W T I M E S . C O M STAGE Cortland Rep’s All Shook Up delivers 27 You can get outside living in a downtown condo 38 FOOD Farmshed Harvest Food Hub helps get produce to market 40 J U N E 2 5 TH - J U L Y 1 ST LIVING SPACE ISSUE NUMBER 3479 Gandee Gallery stages a successful group show 28 READ! SHARE! RECYCLE! ART EXERTING INFLUENCE A TURKISH RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL MOVEMENT IS BEHIND ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOLS IN SYRACUSE BY ED GRIFFIN-NOLAN PAGE 16 SU reorganization closes Advocacy Center for rape, sexual assault victims. Page 51

6-25-14 Syracuse New Times

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