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H S Y R A C U S E DeCROW: IN MEMORIUM An interview with the activist Page 12 A remembrance Page 54 FREE GREEK TRAGEDY Columnist Jeff Kramer was booted from a festival for asking too many questions Page 11 w w w. s y r a c u s e n e w t i m e s . c o m SANITY FAIR Can TV provide role models for dads? Smack Tar 09 TELEVISION Orange is the New Black is back. 31 WELLNESS The focus this month is men’s well-being. 42 read! share! recycle! 27 A special new times report Junk Brown Sugar Skag Mud Dragon Dope White China White j u n e 1 1 th - 1 8 th New Syracuse company links small businesses. White Nurse Black Pearl Black Eagle issue number 3477 TECH Chiba or Chiva Brown Brown Crystal Brown Tape Mexican Mud Mexican Horse Snow Snowball Scat Sack Skunk Number 3 HEROIN IN CNY Once-rare drug becomes more common and spreads into the suburbs By Amanda Seef

6-11-14 Syracuse New Times

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