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FILM FEST The focus is on “local” at the Spring Fest of the Syracuse International Film Festival Page 24 S Y R A C U S E FREE W W W. S Y R A C U S E N E W T I M E S . C O M FACETIME Kellie Gingold is the Syracuse Commission for Women’s 2014 Woman of the Year Page 60 STRAIGHT DOPE Do you wonder if monogamy is obsolete. C’mon, do you? 18 PLATES & GLASSES Picnic seating at the Roadside Grill may be perfect as warm weather creeps in. 48 PARTING SHOT A P R I L 2 3 RD - 3 0 TH Bands representing eight companies will compete Friday at the Landmark for a concert venue or a recording session. ISSUE NUMBER 347O MUSIC READ! SHARE! RECYCLE! 30 About those new SU football uniforms … 62 WHAT TO DO? Look Inside PAWN IN A POLITICAL GAME ? County defends health department reorganization, but have officials thought through the effects on the clients most in need? By Renée K. Gadoua. Page 19

4 23 14 Syracuse New Times

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