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E MPLOY E E NE W SL E T T E R M AY 2014 Pathway’s 100th domestic site opens in Rexburg » By Caleb Trujillo The clock showed 15 minutes until 6 p.m. and eager Pathway students were already entering the Church building—a full half-hour before their gatherings began. With only one week of their first semester under their belts, many students at the Rexburg Pathway site have already felt a great difference in their lives. BYU-Idaho introduced Pathway in 2009. What started as a humble pilot program of three sites in the United States serving 50 students has emerged into a successful educational system of more than 160 worldwide sites, serving thousands of students each year. Nearly five years after the program began, Pathway has come full circle with the opening of its 100th domestic (U.S and Canada) site—right in BYU-Idaho’s backyard. over the age of 31. As is typical program wide, each student has a unique story and journey that have brought them to Pathway. Twenty-three-year-old Sheila Dunn is a perfect example. Sheila Dunn Pathway is just the first step to what I’m doing; it’s like a building block for my plans. CAMERON CHRISTENSON “I found it rather poetic that Rexburg would be our 100th domestic site,” said J.D. Griffith, managing director of Pathway. “We did not do this by design; it simply happened this way. We are so excited to be able to bring the blessing of Pathway to our friends and neighbors.” Pathway opened in Rexburg in April and is currently serving 73 students, 50 of whom are between the ages 18-30 and the rest “Just in these two weeks of Pathway, I have a greater sense of my daily routine and schedule,” Sheila said. “I stay at home with our son so I have to balance not only my Pathway classes, but also family and home responsibilities. A structured time for scripture study has helped a ton.” Sheila and her husband, Christopher, are originally from Hemet, Calif. As he has started his nursing degree on campus at BYU-Idaho, she has stayed home with their son, Bruce. Sheila was first introduced to Pathway by her mother-in-law, who is currently in her final semester of Pathway in Hemet. “My younger brother is also doing Pathway with me, so it’s nice to have a built-in study buddy. We have the unique opportunity to sit down and discuss the course material with each other on a regular basis.” continued on page 6 M AY 2 014 l1

News & Notes May 2014

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