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E MPLOY E E NE W SL E T T E R JUNE 2014 Remodel of Student Records and Registration office complete » By Brock Allen After seven years of planning and preparation, Student Records and Registration has finished its office renovations. goal is to serve those who need our service here in the office better,” said Martin. The changes serve a two-fold purpose: to provide an area where students can privately discuss questions, concerns, and issues of a more sensitive nature, and to offer a larger workspace to accommodate an increase in student employees. The students who do need to come into the office often have more in-depth concerns or questions, which the openness of the transaction windows was not conducive to. Now there are offices where students can come and discuss in privacy. continued on page 4 This was accomplished by walling off the transaction windows, enlarging the workspace, and adding new offices for student meetings and employees. “We recognized a number of years ago that with the advent of the Internet and all of our web applications that our service model through transaction windows was becoming quickly outdated. The things students used to do through transaction windows they do on the Internet now,” said Kyle Martin, university registrar. Serving the needs of the students virtually has always been a goal for the department, and the Internet has allowed the Student Records and Registration to deal with students primarily online, and behind the scenes. “Our office serves every student every semester. Our goal is not necessarily to serve more students in our office, but our McKay Library renovations provide space for a growing tutoring program » By Paul Morgan Renovations have begun in the David O. McKay Library to provide space for the ever-growing tutoring program, and to prepare for a future remodel. The tutoring center will soon completely cover the east wing of the second floor, standing as a testament to the culture of teaching and learning from one another at BYU-Idaho and the great service it provides to the students. Plans have been underway since 2013 and the project is expected to be finished before fall semester. continued on page 5 J U N E 2 014 l1

June 2014 News & Notes

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