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E MPLOY E E NE W SL E T T E R JA NUA RY 2014 Central Energy Facility & student housing projects progressing » By Clint Urick Construction of the new student housing building and Central Energy Facility is under way and on schedule. The two projects were approved last September and crews began work in October. “We’re grateful for the patience the employees and students have displayed as we continue to prepare the campus for future needs,” said Rulon Nielsen, director of Facilities Planning and Construction. Crews have begun framing the first floor of the 4-story student housing complex. Walls should be going up in the next two to three weeks. The new student housing complex will replace the current student housing on the east side of campus. It will accommodate an anticipated increase in enrollment in the coming years. The building will house 854 students in 156 units with 4-, 6-, and 8-person apartments. The new Central Energy Facility, being built to meet new EPA air quality standards, has also been progressing following the university’s timetable. The foundation has been excavated and crews are beginning to pour concrete footings. Workers should be ready to start framing walls in April. The housing complex and Central Energy Facility are scheduled for completion by fall 2015 and winter 2016 respectively. Three-track system allows for management of winter enrollment numbers » By Austin Cary Following the October 2012 announcement of the change in age eligibility for full-time missionaries, hundreds of current and prospective BYU-Idaho students made the decision to postpone their education and embark on a mission. “It was pretty dramatic,” said Rob Garrett, managing director of enrollment services for BYU-Idaho. “We have done some things to help, but we are still not where we were before the missionary age change.” As a result, the steadily increasing enrollment BYU-Idaho had experienced over the past few years was impacted. Even though BYU-Idaho did see a decrease in enrollment, the three-track system gave Garrett and the enrollment services staff the ability to manage the effects of the age change. continued on page 4 J A N UA R Y 2 014 l1

January 2014 News & Notes

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