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E MPLOY E E NE W SL E T T E R O C TO B E R 2012 The Fulfillment of a Dream UNIVERSIT Y & CHURCH EMPLOYEES COLLAB ORATE TO BRING MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR TO BYU-IDAHO » By Abby Stevens They have performed for presidents of the United States, charmed kings and queens, toured nationally and internationally, have been called “America’s Choir,” and have welcomed generations of listeners to the weekly Music and the Spoken Word broadcast and the twiceyearly General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On September 21, the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir, together with the Orchestra at Temple Square, brought their talents to the BYU-Idaho Center for a performance on a stage that designers created specifically with them in mind. To make this unique concert possible, BYU-Idaho’s Event Management and A/V Departments worked alongside Church employees—providing a unique opportunity for BYU-Idaho employees to collaborate with Church technicians and other professionals. “Usually we set up most of the equipment for the groups that come here, but with the Tabernacle Choir we were more like team support rather than a host. It was fun to see our technical employees working alongside theirs,” said Judy Steiner, BYU-Idaho Event Management Manager. Although the choir and the orchestra brought some of their own gear, the BYUIdaho Center provided equipment as well. Setup for the concert took about four hours in the auditorium, while setup in other venues can take up to seven hours. Cooperation and familiarity with each other’s systems helped ease the process. “The BYU-Idaho Center already has most of the equipment here. It also has the appropriate colors, cooperation, and imagination. Everyone’s singing the same song,” said Lorin Morse, a member of the Church A/V Department staff. The concert gave students within the BYU-Idaho A/V Department experience in working with Church professionals. “It was interesting to see the level of professionalism and experience the Church employees had,” said Chris Vergaray, a junior studying computer engineering. The Church’s technical employees complemented BYU-Idaho’s student employees on their skills. “They were very impressed with our A/V staff and students,” said Jon Perdue, supervisor of BYU-Idaho A/V Production. “This concert was a great opportunity for our students, and that’s why we’re here. The experience they get here gives them a better chance at landing a good job. They’re not just a labor-force. They’re a skilled labor-force.” continued on page 6 O C T O B E R 2 012 l1

News & Notes October 2012

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