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E MPLOY E E NE W SL E T T E R JULY 2012 A student uses the Bloomberg terminal located in the Smith Building to access financial market data. Investing in Education THE INVESTMENT BANKING SO CIET Y GIVES BYU-IDAHO STUDENTS HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE IN FINANCE » Ben Burke: Senior, Communication Though the financial markets seem as fickle as the Rexburg Structured like a normal investment bank, the 60 students weather, there is still a sense things will turn around. It is with this in the society meet together weekly to listen to professionals in resolution that the students in the Investment Banking Society the business and meet in assigned groups to discuss investment manage a $5 million portion of BYU-Idaho’s investment fund. options. Students are organized into small groups by funds with a Created more than a decade ago by the College of Business and fund manager and fund assistant. They then make decisions with Communication, the Investment Banking Society used a relatively the help of the society presidency. small amount of money donated to them by generous benefactors “The way we have the society set up really helps students of all to invest into the market. Today many universities across the experience levels. The older kids who know a lot about investing nation use software that mimics market trends and allows don’t have to worry about dragging the inexperienced ones along students to “play” with imaginary money within the real market, and the younger students don’t have to worry about being left without worrying about losing any capital. However, with the in the dark,” says Kyle Porterfield, president of the Investment high costs of this software, and a lack of benefactors, the faculty Banking Society and a senior majoring in financial economics. thought there could be a creative solution to this problem. At the end of the semester the presidency compiles the data After a proposal facilitated by Kirk Gifford, associate dean of and formally present their recommendation to the Investment the College of Business and Communication, the BYU-Idaho Committee for their feedback. Investment Committee agreed to set aside funds for the society “The quality and professionalism of the students and their so they could have a hands-on experience. During the Winter presentations has been very impressive so far,” says Shane Webster, Semester 2012, $5 million was set aside out of the university’s financial reporting officer for BYU-Idaho who oversees the investment fund and to be overseen and managed by the day-to day-activities for the university’s investment fund. “It is Investment Banking Society. very apparent their learning and understanding goes beyond the Though the students don’t physically handle the money, they classrooms and textbooks.” Once approval is given, the allocated are put in charge of tracking, analyzing, and recommending an $5 million is invested for the next semester in the proposed way. appropriate allocation for investing the sum. To keep things in perspective and give them a goal, the students use the return on other university investments, as (continued on pg. 4) J U LY 2 012 l1

News & Notes July 2012

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