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Reaching Everybody! Presorted Standard U.S. Postage Paid St. Joseph Newsleader St. Joseph, MN 56374 Permit No. 21 ECRWSS Postal Customer Newsleader St. Joseph Friday, Oct. 11, 2013 Volume 24, Issue 40 Est. 1989 Town Crier Police ask residents to lock vehicles The St. Joseph Police Department is asking residents to please lock your vehicles and remove keys, purses, wallets and anything valuable from your vehicles. “During the past month, we have had several stolen vehicles and others that have been gone through and items stolen,” said Police Chief Joel Klein. “And no matter what time of day or night: ‘See it, Hear it, Report it!’ We need everyone’s help to fight crime and keep our community safe!” Public works to flush hydrants Oct. 14-18 The St. Joseph Public Works Department will flush fire hydrants Monday-Friday, Oct. 14-18. During this maintenance process, property owners may experience discolored water and pressure differentials. It’s not uncommon to see discoloration after the fire hydrants are flushed in your area. If you notice discoloration, please bypass your water softener and open all your cold water faucets in the home. The water will clear up in a short period of time, shut all faucets off and put the water softener back in service. Maintenance staff flush the fire hydrants spring and fall of each calendar year. Flushing of hydrants helps remove stale water and natural sediment from the system. During this process fire hydrants are exercised to help ensure the proper operation for emergency use. World Cafe encourages discussion on school district’s future by Janelle Von Pinnon assistant director of curriculum coordinator between the district The district is developing a for the district. “At the evening and Transformation Systems, a strategic plan that will impact session, there were many high- company out of Ashville, N.C., the school community for the Nearly 100 St. Cloud School school students who attended. that’s facilitating the strategic future. District community members We had a nice representation planning. Susan Hintz, former “This will provide the filter gathered to share ideas, explore within the community and a superintendent from Minnesota to make great decisions and the opportunities and identify chal- very engaging conversation.” who works for Transformation framework for our actions as lenges at a “World Cafe” event Avenson is also the internal Systems, emceed the event. World Cafe • page 4 Oct. 8 at Whitney Center in St. Cloud. The participants included students, teachers, parents, school district personnel, school-board members, senior citizens, business owners and community leaders of various ages, both genders and a variety of ethnicities. This was one of two events held the same day as part of a comprehensive strategic visioning process to shape the future of the district, which includes eight elementary schools, two junior highs, two high schools, an alternative school and an early childhood education program. The afternoon event had an additional 100 participants. photo by Kathryn Bjorke “We are thrilled with the turnA resident of St. Joseph snapped this unusual cloud formation last week from her backyard on out and the diversity of the turnthe southeast side of St. Joseph. out,” said Shannon Avenson, Wild wind-swept wisps Lyon retires after 20 years of firefighting Library gives children, teens second chance to read down fines Great River Regional Library is giving teens and children a second chance to read down their fines and become active library users again. The library held its initial Read Down Your Fines Week in June. The idea was for minor card holders ages 16 and younger to pay off any fines by reading at the library. For each 15 minutes of reading, $1 was waived from fines on their account for late return of materials. In the case of very young children with fines on their cards, parents could read down the child’s fines by reading to them in the library. A total of 173 cardholders took part. Due to a generous response to the Read Down Your Fines fundraising appeal and the positive responses from patrons, a second Read Down Your Fines week has been scheduled as part of Teen Read Week Oct. 14-19. For more information, visit and click on Criers. For additional criers, visit and click on Criers. Postal Patron CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Mike Lyon retired from the St. Joseph Fire Department after 20 years of volunteering. Lyon encourages anyone who is interested in joining to check it out. Department, but one of his brothers is retired from the Melrose Fire Department. When he first joined the department, Lyon took a Firefighter 1 course and became state-certified. He also took first-responder courses. Minnesota requires all firefighters meet their minimum hours of training on firefighting. “This was met through attending the monthly drills,” Lyon said. “We also had training every year to keep our first-responder and CPR certifications current. To become an officer, you had to take Fire- that took me under their wing and provided the training and mentoring,” Lyon said. “I only hope I have done the same for others.” He encourages anyone who is thinking of joining the fire department to check into it. “It’s good training and very rewarding,” he said. Lyon is adjusting to his retirement from the department. “It’s nice going to bed at night not wondering if the pager is going to go off,” Lyon said. “It has allowed me to focus more on the business. Lyon • page 8 Seven authors to read from new works Seven local authors will read from their new works at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16 in the Teresa Mike Lyon has retired from Reception Center board room in the St. Joseph Volunteer Fire the Main Building at the College Department after serving the of St. Benedict. The public is invited to atcity and the area for 20 years. Lyon said he originally tend the free event. The authors are current facjoined the department because he wanted to give back to the ulty, retired faculty and alumni St. Joseph area, wanted to help of CSB and St. John’s University. Sponsored by the Literary people in need and wanted to get to know more people. No Arts Institute, the readings will other family members of his involve the following: Mara Faulkner, OSB, who rehave joined the St. Joseph Fire by Cori Hilsgen fighter II courses.” Lyon said the hardest part about being on the fire department was the time commitment involved. “The department requires a lot of time,” Lyon said. “If you truly are active on the department, it takes a lot of time. My daughter has always said, ‘Dad either you are at work, at the fire department or hunting.’” Lyon said there will always be some medical and fire calls that will stick with him, but for him the friendships built are the most memorable. “I will not forget the people tired last May from her job as associate professor of English at CSB/SJU. She will read from her new poetry chapbook, “Still Birth.” Karen Erickson, a professor of French and chair of the languages and cultures department, will read from her new poetry chapbook, “Dwellings.” Betsy Johnson-Miller an English instructor, will read from her book of poetry, “Fierce This Falling.” Rachel Marston, an assis- tant professor of English, will read from her novel-in-progress, “How to Speak to God.” Bob Thimmesh, an SJU alumnus, will read some poems from his new book, “Hear a Silence Roar.” Mary Willette Hughes, a CSB alumnus, will also read poems from her book, “The Shadow Loom Poems.” Larry Schug, a retired CSB recycling coordinator, will read from his upcoming book of poetry, “At Gloaming.”

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