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THE View latest merger news issue 2 | maY 2013 principal Designate Appointment The advertisement for the Principal Designate has now been published in the national press with a closing date of Friday 17 May. Interviews will be held at the end of May. For more information, please visit Merger Proposal Document We remain on track for our target vesting date of 1st November 2013. The Merger Proposal Document, which includes the merged College’s vision and educational benefits, has now been finalised and submitted to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC). The SFC site evaluation visit will take place w/c 20th May 2013 and their findings will be reported back to the Scottish Government and Cabinet Secretary by 10th June 2013. Cultural Analysis A key challenge going forward will be how we develop the culture of our new college, especially as we will be operating across a number of different campus locations. Roger Mullin, of Inter-ed has been commissioned to conduct an independent assessment to ensure that both cultures are understood. The focus groups will also provide the opportunity to discuss your hopes and vision for the new College. Roger will produce a report based on the feedback, the results of which will be made available to staff in June. We encourage you to take part and look forward to hearing your views. Focus Groups Cumbernauld College Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May Motherwell College Thursday16th & Friday 17th May

The View - Issue 2

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