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SPRING 2014 2012-13 National FFA Officer Team commits to give FFA donor believes in helping others help themselves By Katy Mumaw By Katy Mumaw “Most importantly I want to help others help themselves,” Don Ball, who has been an active public servant for more than 50 years, said. This core value influenced Ball and wife Mira to recently endow $500,000 to the Give the Gift of Blue program. This program is a channel for FFA members to receive a jacket they may not have otherwise been able to afford. Early during their year of service, the 2012-13 National FFA Officer Team decided to give back to FFA and encourage others to do the same. A t the beginning of their year of service, 2012-13 national officers Clay Sapp, Lindsey Anderson, Wiley Bailey, Brennan Costello, Joenelle Futrell and Kalie Hall created a set of values they wanted to be anchored by. In thinking of different values they wanted to exude, “give” rose to the top. “We wanted to give back to an organization that has poured so much investment into us,” Sapp, the 2012-13 national FFA president, said. “Obviously during our year we would give of our time and talents, but we wanted to do something B all credits his involvement in FFA as an important step in both his public and private career paths. He served as both a local and regional officer in FFA, and his FFA experience familiarized him with parliamentary procedure. The importance of that familiarity came to fruition during the three terms he served in the Kentucky legislature. If it wasn’t for FFA, Ball admits, he wouldn’t have had the opportunities to travel and those personal development experiences. The FFA jacket wore during his tenure in FFA was a hand-me-down. Because of this, providing deserving students with blue corduroy jackets of their own is especially meaningful. The Balls’ gift to Give the Gift of Blue will allow up to 400 jackets to be awarded annually. Ball grew up in western Kentucky and moved to Lexington in 1954 to attend the University of Kentucky. He and his wife incorporated Ball Homes, a residential construction company, in 1959. They have also been actively involved in Kentucky’s Thoroughbred industry. Continued on page 2 Continued on page 2 Inside This Issue: • AgCN Helps Bridge the Gap • CNH Industrial Capital Supports FFA • Ffa Donor Believes in Helping Don Ball and his wife, Mira, welcomed state and national officers to their home in February. The Balls recently endowed $500,000 to the Give the Gift of Blue program, which awards jackets to deserving FFA members. Blue Jackets. Bright Futures! Spring 2014 1

Spring 2014 Blue Jackets. Bright Futures, the official newsletter of the National FFA Foundation

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