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19 About this fanzine This fanzine was put together as a special souvenir edition from the Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention by The Shrieking Violet, a blog and free, semi-regular printed fanzine edited by Manchester-based writer (and swimming fan!) Natalie Bradbury. The Shrieking Violet is an alternative guide to Manchester that aims to introduce you to people and places you haven’t come across or thought about before. The Shrieking Violet recommends making your own fun rather than being told what to do and believes that culture should focus on creating, not consuming. Copies are left in various locations around the city to be stumbled upon, hopefully inspiring adventures in those who find them. Each cover is designed by a different artist. The poster on the front of this edition was designed by Kate Prior. To get involved email or visit The Shrieking Violet Facebook group. Thanks to Alison Kershaw from Pool Arts for her support and everyone at Victoria Baths who made this event possible, especially Barry Johnson, Gill Wright and Martin Connor.

Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention 2012 souvenir programme

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