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RESOURCES TM ARTICLES: WEBSITES: Bacon, L. & Aphramor L. Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift Nutrition Journal, 2011, 10(9) Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder, Curvy Yoga Campos, P**., Saguy A., Ernsberger, P**., Oliver, E., Gaesser, G. The epidemiology of overweight and obesity: public health crisis or moral panic? IJE, 2006 35 (1) Robison, J.** 10 Things You Can Do Right Now (You can download and give to your clients) robison2.pdf BOOKS: Don’t Weight, Eat Healthy & Get Moving NOW by: Kelly Bliss, M.Ed., A.C.E. Health at Every Size, The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by: Dr. Linda Bacon, Ph.D Big Fat Lies: The Truth about Your Weight and Your Health by: Glenn A. Gaesser, Ph.D Cinder Ernst, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & Life Coach Jeanette DePatie, M.A., A.C.E. Kelly Bliss, M. Ed, A.C.E., Plus Size Fitness Professional & Lifestyle Coach Linda Bacon, Ph.D, Professor, Researcher & Author NAAFA’s Health & Wellness Webpage NAAFA’s Health At Every Size® (HAES) Webpage (General Principles and Information on NAAFA’s HAES Summit): Sally Pugh, Yoga for the Large Woman C o m i n g so o n : Cinder’s Certification for Fitness Instructors The Fat Chick Works Out by: Jeanette DePatie, M.A., ACE The Fat Studies Reader, edited by: Dr. Esther Rothblum, Ph.D** & Sondra Solovay, J.D.** Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women by: Pat Lyons, M.A., R.N.** & Debby Burgard, Ph.D** Mega Yoga by: Megan Garcia B R O C H U R E C O N T R I B U TO R S & E D I TO R S : D E S I G N & L AY O U T : Cinder Ernst*** Lisa M.Tealer* Peggy Howell* Jason Docherty* Liz Plochec Guidelines for fitness professionals Member, NAAFA’s Board of Directors* Member, NAAFA’s Advisory Board** NAAFA Newsletter Fitness Contributor*** This brochure is provided for educational purposes only. NAAFA is not responsible or liable for any action or outcomes resulting from the content provided in this brochure. NAAFA is not responsible for the content or accuracy of information provided by other websites, journals, articles and books. Some of the resources listed may not reflect NAAFA’s policies. Distribution of this brochure is permissible. Use of specific sections requires permission from NAAFA. Health At Every Size® is a registered trademark of ASDAH. www.n a a fa .o rg v APRIL 2012 who serve fat clients


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