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Department of Revenue and Taxation Real GProperty Tax Division overnment of Guam PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAX DELINQUENCY AND IMPENDING TAX SALE Made pursuant to §24801, 24802 and 24803 Article 8 Chapter 24 Title 11 Guam Code Annotated TO: ALL PERSONS WITH A LEGAL INTEREST IN THE PARCELS OF REAL PROPERTY DESCRIBED IN THE FOLLOWING NOTICE You are hereby notified that the real properties herein listed were declared to be in tax default (delinquent) at 5 p.m. on April 20, 2011. The declaration of default was due to non-payment of the total amount due for the taxes levied on March 1, 2010 wherein a lien was placed on the listed real property. The total which was due on April 20, 2011 is shown opposite the parcel number and owner’s name which describe the property. The amount in dollars and cents for which each property was originally declared to be tax-defaulted does not include additional penalties and fees which have accrued since the date of tax default and subsequent (prior year) taxes that may also be delinquent. Information on the payment of delinquent taxes will be furnished, upon request, by the Real Property Tax Division. FAILURE TO PAY THE TAXES BY 5 o’clock p.m., July 6, 2011 WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF THE LAND AND IMPROVEMENTS TO LAND IN FAVOR OF THE GOVERNMENT OF GUAM BY OPERATION OF LAW. ADDENDA TO PUBLISHED TAX DEFAULT (DELINQUENT) LIST The properties listed were legally assessed and the taxes and or assessments duly levied for Tax Year 2010. The taxes and/or assessments and other charges remain unpaid as of MAY 31, 2011. Real property appearing on the delinquent list includes payments made between MAY 31, 2011 and publication date of this notice. PENALTIES, INTEREST AND COSTS: The delinquent penalty per installment is calculated at 9% per annum or $5.00 (whichever is greater). Redemption (interest) of one-half (½) of one percent (1%) or $2.00 (whichever is greater) is added to the unpaid tax. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for preparation/cost, which includes the re-issuance of the tax statement. The 2010 Delinquent Tax List is available for public review at all village Mayor office’s and at the Real Property Tax Division, 1240 Army Drive, Barrigada, or by visiting our website at I certify under penalty of perjury that the above information is true and correct. /s/ JOHN P. CAMACHO Tax Collector of the Government of Guam how to read the listing: Assessee/Owner’s name. List is complete as of March 1, 2010. [S] = Suburban [U] = Urban CPO = Chalan Pago/Ordot MTM = Mongmong/Toto/Maite Building Area Escaped Assessment Unpaid Tax Balance Land Area Assessee/Owner Parcel Description Municipality L.A. B.A. E.A. Tax Due Cruz, Joe T26204 B1 L12 Yona [S] 929.00 0.00 0 $22.76 Doe, Jane T26204 B1 L18 Yona [U] 929.00 0.00 0 $22.76 Smith, John T26204 B1 L5 Yona [S] 929.00 0.00 0 $22.76 Paid with government funds by the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

DRT Real Property Tax 2010 Final

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