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Moraine Valley Community College Student Newspaper June 24, 2011 Volume 43, Issue 17 Moraine graduates class of 2011 By Connor Reynolds News Editor The graduating class of 2011 gathered in the gym on May 20 for the ceremony that would, for most, mark the end of their experience at Moraine as a student. Starting at 7 pm the gym was covered in a sea of dark green caps and gowns as the soon-to-be graduates took their seats. Gold, silver and white cords adorned many of the graduates honoring their high GPA’s. By 9 pm the now- graduates walked out of the building as they began the next step of their lives. Also honored were the members of the Phi Theta Kappa who were recognized with with their own unique honor stole and tassel. While all the graduates were seated in the gym, many other guests were seated in the Dorothy Menker Theater after the gym filled up. To accommodate these guests, Moraine Valley broadcast the ceremony live in the Graduation| page 2 On the left, Jayne Joyce speaks to the graduates after winning the Moraine Valley Leadership Award. On the middle and right, several students show off their recently earned diplomas before departing form the gym. [MVCC Marketing] Moraine begins summer construction projects By Amel Saleh Editor-in-Chief Summer seems to be the perfect season for construction workers to repair whatever infrastructure needs to be repaired. You see it everywhere, and along every road you drive upon: LaGrange, Cicero, Southwest Highway and even here at Moraine Valley. For example, construction is happening in the parking lot of T to ensure smoother pathways and clearer entries and exits. Moraine Valley seems to be taking care of all things in need of being revamped and parking lots aren’t the only thing. If you have ever needed to enter the doors of the U building near the daycare playground that was constructed last winter, then surely you’ve noticed the bright yellow flags that fly high on top of S building. Indeed, the bright yellow flags are an emblem for construction that is taking place. According to one construction worker Construction | Page 2 IN THIS ISSUE Views PCP: Do the benefits of recycling outweigh the costs? Page 9 The T building parking lot has been shut down all summer during its renovation. Construction will last until August 5, and should not cause any parking headaches when the fall semester begins. [Ryan Kiefer] Trustee Corner Student Trustee Emmanuel Santoyo gives students summer advice. Page 7 Features Retired professor Tom McCague, give students tour of the sky. Social Page 1

The Glacier - Volume 43, Issue 17

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