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Muslim Link Wins Journalism Awards | pg 6 Read it online. w w w.muslimlink pap Muharram . Safar . Rabi’ al-awwal . Rabi’ al-thani . Jumada Al-awwal . Jumada al-akhir . Rajab . Sha’aban . Ramadan . Shawwal . Dhu al-Qi’dah . 21 DHU AL-HIJJAH . 1429 A.H. FRIDAY, December 19, 2008 MD, VA, and DC. Metropolitan Area Bi-Weekly Newspaper | FREE ‘PRAYER WAS MADE THE SWEETNESS OF MY EYES...’ Dar Al-Hijrah Opens Doors to Homeless this Winter Farkhunda Ali Muslim Link Staff Writer PG 13 TAQWA NEEDS PATIENCE TO GET DEEN AT BALTIMORE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT PG 7 For the fifth winter season in a row, the Fairfax County government, faith groups, businesses and civic organizations arecooperating with each other to provide safe haven for the homeless from hypothermia. This winter, Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center partners with Volunteers of America and the Fairfax County Government to provide services as part of the Hypothermia Prevention Program. The intent is to do everything possible to help prevent any suffering or death from the cold weather for the most vulnerable locals – the homeless. and warm places for the homeless during the cold winter nights from December 1st to March 31st. During a roundtable discussion on December 12th, the Public Affairs Office of Fairfax County discussed how non-profits, faith communities, governments, and schools are all facing an unprecedented demand for help with basic necessities. “The hypothermia program supplements the county’s yearround effort to provide shelter and services to homeless individuals and families,” said Belinda Buescher, director of communications, Fairfax County Department of Dar Al-Hijrah’s goal is to find nurturing, safe, Family Services. Since the emergence of a global economic crisis, more Americans are depending on government assistance for rent, food, and clothing distribution. Last week, CNN reported one out of every ten Americans is applying for food stamps, an increase in demand for government assistance. Brian Worthy, Public Information Officer at the county said, “Unfortunately, this demand is expected to grow if the economy continues to worsen.” Within the last two years, the county witnessed a 42 percent increase in requests for help with basic needs. According to Worthy, the largest increase >> Homeless Pg 1 Local Meat Distribution Projects Abound By Amalia Rehman Muslim Link Staff Writer Every Eid ul-Adha there is the distribution of meat throughout the Muslim community. This year saw many efforts to distribute this meat locally. Some individuals give the meat to others who can distribute it to needy families in the community. Others donate meat to organizations that serve the needy in their community, and some have even established charities and organizations that distribute the meat not only to needy Muslims, but to non-Muslim needy families in the community. In the Richmond, Virginia area, the Islamic Society of Greater Richmond held an Eid prayer and a barbeque on a halal farm so that they can combine prayer with the slaughter. At the same time, they >> Distribution Pg 13 FBI Sponsors Masjid Eid Dinner Muslim Doctor Adds Voice to Health Care Debate By Amalia Rehman Muslim Link Staff Writer A curious thing happened on Saturday evening, December 13th, 2008. Dar Al-Noor masjid had their Eid dinner, which in and of itself is not unusual, but the fact that it was sponsored by the FBI made it quite remarkable. There was a lot of confusion among the attendees at the onset of this event. Several individuals indicated that they had planned not to come, but perhaps their curiosity got the better of them. Generally, Eid dinners and other events at Dar Al-Noor are a packed house. Perhaps 400 people By Khalida Ismael Muslim Link Contributing Writer usually attend. This time, about 200 people attended. It was crowded, but it was not the usual crush. There were comments flying around prior to the arrival of the FBI. One young woman stated, “I wonder if the food is poisoned.” Another mature sister stated, “I was thinking the food may have something in it that it will stay in your stomach forever and they can detect where you are.” Another young man, after the dinner asked, “Do you feel anything strange in your >> Sponsors Pg 7 On December 14, 2008, the Muslim Community Center (MCC) in Silver Spring, Maryland held a program to educate their community on some possible solutions to the current health care crisis in America. Through the expert lens of Dr. Shaik Hassan, an MCC Board of Trustees member and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Howard University College of Medicine, attendees go seasoned expert. a glimpse into the current state of the US healthcare industry from a Dr. Hassan described the astronomically rising costs of health care and its impact on the American standard of living before going into detail about each of the factors driving this increase. He attributed it to a rise in direct marketing of new drugs to consumers which created unrealistic patient demands, widespread lack of coverage which contributed to the misuse of emergency rooms as primary care centers, the rise of ‘boutique medicine’ which makes it more difficult for lower income people to see a doctor, and the lack of preventative care and education. Dr. Hassan – also on the board of the Islamic Medical >> Debate Pg 11

The Muslim Link ~ December 19, 2008

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