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Muharram|Safar|Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani|Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab|Shaban|Ramadan|Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|29 Thul-Hijjah, 1432 Obama WorsE Than Bush For Civil Liberties PG 14 An American Muslim Father’s Extra Mile PG 16 Like & Follow us 2 9 T h u l H i j j a h - 8 M u h a r r a m , 1 4 3 2 A . H . | w w w. M u s l i m L i n k P a p e r. c o m The Muslim Link MD, VA, and DC Metropolitan Area Bi-Weekly Newspaper | FREE November 25th 2011 - December 8th 2011 Ethiopian Muslims Protest Indoctrination by Government Sponsored Sect ALSO IN THIS ISSUE ADAMS Hosts Discussion on Islamic, Jewish Law | pg 4 Opposition To Women Swim Program Evaporates | pg 5 A New Kind of Accessory, Students Don Hijab | pg 5 About a thousand local Ethiopian American Muslims protest in front of the State Department on November 21. Photo courtesy of Ethio-American Ad-Hoc Committee. By Muslim Link Staff Muslims concede that things have changed radically since America launched its global “war on terror” after the 9/11 attacks. Bush’s “with us or against us” ultimatum left most government’s of the world little choice but to put their air and land in service of America’s war. Ethiopia is a striking example of how far things have changed for the world’s Muslims. the oppressed Muslims of Makkah to migrate to Ethiopia because there they would find a just ruler. The Prophet Salallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam ordered >> Ethiopian Pg 8 Son’s Muslim Faith Divides One Black Family | pg 6 Natl News: CAIN: Most US Muslims Extremists | pg 11 ISLAM: Achieve Greatness Through Gratefullness| pg 15 Religious Lobbying Groups Multiply On Capitol Hill By Michelle Boorstein The Washington Post, November 21, 2011 The field of religious advocacy has mushroomed on Capitol Hill in recent decades, a new survey shows, with the number of groups growing fivefold since 1970 and hundreds of millions spent each year to influence issues from school vouchers and immigration to the right of women overseas to have abortions. The report, released Monday by the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life, appears to be the most extensive research ever done on D.C.-based lobbyists and advocates on faith matters. It documents the widening range of domestic and foreign issues religious groups push >> lobby Pg 12 The Muslim Link Coupons PG 22

The Muslim Link ~ November 25, 2011

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