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Muharram|Safar|Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab|9 Shaban, 1433|Ramadan|Shawwal|Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah rEAPING THE BENEFITS OF rAMADAN HIGH MARKS FOR DAY OF JUDGEMENT CONFERENCE PG 25 PG 6 Like & Follow us 9 S h a b a n - 2 2 S h a b a n , 1 4 3 3 A . H . | w w w. M u s l i m L i n k P a p e r. c o m The Muslim Link MD, VA, and DC Metropolitan Area Bi-Weekly Newspaper | FREE June 29th 2012 - July 12th 2012 Caring for the Ones Who Cared for You ALSO IN THIS ISSUE In Climate of Elder Abuse, Adult Muslim Children Face Tough Decisions As Parents Age, Need Support Hijab Undercover | pg 5 By Wafa Unus Poster Campaign Combats Religious Bias | pg 5 Recent census data shows a 62 percent surge in elders living with children due to higher housing costs and the economy. Without proper training or experience in dealing with the elderly, many adults find caring for those that once cared for them a rewarding yet equally stressful and sometimes dangerous task. Muslim Link Staff Reporter The seventh annual World Elder Abuse Awareness day was held on June 15, 2012, in an effort to encourage the nation to take a harder look at the treatment of the elderly. Though domestic abuse becomes more openly discussed, be it spousal or child abuse, there is arguably less scrutiny when it comes to the treatment of senior citizens by family members. As the prevalence of children caring for their elderly parents increases, discussion over the special needs of the elderly has too begun to enter the limelight. “My life had changed...I Homeland Security Committee Debates If Past Hearings Helped National Security Or Vilified American Muslims Muslim Link Staff Reporter Congressman Peter King brought Muslim responses to the House Committee on Homeland Security’s hearings on American Muslim radicalization to the hearing floor, Wednesday, June 20, 2012, in a heated attempt to clean up the impact of previous hearings on the Muslim community. “I was vilified by the politically correct media, pandering politicians and radical groups such as CAIR – even though this issue was non-partisan and of serious concern to national security and counterterrorism officials in the Obama administration,” King >> king Pg 20 ICM, Dar-us-Salaam Collaborate On Summer Camp | pg 8 >> elders Pg 11 Peter King Holds Hearing on Hearings By Fatimah Waseem ADAMS Offering Internships With Imam’s Office| pg 8 Syrian Massacres Call for World Intervention | pg 10 SPORTS: Brothers Put NFL On Hold for Islam | pg 22 ISLAM: Sha’ban: The Other Month of Fasting | pg 24 The Muslim Link Coupons PG 30

The Muslim Link - June 29, 2012

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