Music Tourist Board of Rocklands

Music Tourist Board of Rocklands

London, United Kingdom

Music Tourist Board

of Rocklands, Planet Water

On land social networking, friendship, unity, daydreams, uniqulture, art and music powered fun - and somehow it works thanks to an organic family tree of playing class friends.

Rocklands is South East London. Across the River Thames from Docklands. Quite possibly the city's most colourful, characteristic and creative community.

Planet Water is the parallel dimension to the world on the news that has been in force for millions of years. The force, Nature, is still strong in many, so the self expressive arts create their own supernatural magic.

Playing is the natural state of human beings. Offspring of Nature's living globe. Music Tourist Board is a not-for-profit collective weaving their own tale into the magic chaos.

All are invited to Share The Joy.