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The Jesuits in Zambia and Malawi Province News Volume 41, Number 1 January-February 2010 Inside this issue: From the Provincial Congratulations Kelly Michelo was ordained deacon on 13th February. We praise God for the vocation of Kelly and we offer our congratulations and the promise of our support to him. Our able representative at the occasion was Charles Chilinda. Reports indicate that he took our troops to dinner afterwards. Even though a soldier marches on his stomach, I will keep my eye on the accounts! Mission impossible From my published timetable, it is clear to all that I have done visitation at Kitwe. But nothing could be further from the truth. Two meetings which I had not previously scheduled came up and “things fell apart”. I hope to find time for this visitation after my many travels around the world. Our silent Philosophers In mid February I attended the Arrupe Board of Governors meeting and took the opportunity to visit our philosophers too. As usual they kept philosophy to themselves. At no point did we discuss Aristotle, Aquinas or Kant. Instead we talked about the Province: where we are, where we want to go and how to get there. I was also asked what I will do when I complete my term as Provincial; to which I gave the standard answer: I will do what the Provincial will tell me. Very Jesuit, wouldn’t you say? Keeping the rules Upon my return I found that all three tough rules were kept by the Acting Provincial: don’t recruit, don’t dismiss, and don’t sell. There are more tempting times ahead as I will be traveling to South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, UK, USA and Italy between now and April. Blessed is the servant whose master will find him at work. Planning the plan With the assistance of some of our men, I have been working on a strategic plan for the Province. The Province Strategic Plan is the grand work I would like us to embark on as a Province this year. As always I will count on your obedient cooperation. The basic question to answer in this plan will be: do we have enough soldiers to do battle or should ask for peace while the enemy forces are still far? Lilongwe 2 Xavier House 2 Chula House 4 Chelston 4 Luwisha House 5 Nampundwe 5 St. Ignatius 6 Kasisi 6 Mumbwa 7 Canisius 7 JCTR 8 KATC 9 Pioneers 9 AP 9 CLC 10 Archives 10 Arrupe 11 Hekima 12 Bellarmino 13 Our Sick 14 Our Dead 14 Updates 14 Congratulations 14 Notices 15 Birthdays 15 A Last Word 15 Better Late ... 16


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