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VOL 34 Issue No. 8 In This Issue Features 2 Movie Review 5 Infographic 6 Career Services 7 The Back Page 8 Students Speak about Tech Graduation Speakers David Hannant BUTTE - Montana Tech made a colossal, albeit controversial, announcement to host Greg and Susan Gianforte as this year’s commencement speakers. The announcement of the Gianfortes has caused a splash among the Tech student body, with waves of curiosity, praise and pride, abhorrence and antipathy, spreading outwards from the impact point. Greg Gianforte is often referred to as the “Bozeman Whale”, holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in computer science. Beginning his career at Bell Laboratories, Greg has since gone on to start five software firms, including his Bozeman based company, RightNow Technologies. Over the past decade, RightNow Technologies has been a regular employer of Montana Tech, the University of Montana, and Montana State University computer science graduates. In October of 2011, the company sold to Oracle, for a staggering total of $1.5 billion dollars. Susan Gianforte, Greg’s wife, holds masters degrees in both mechanical engineering, and business administration. Continued on page 2. The Technocrat 1300 W. Park St. Butte, MT 59701 April 2014 Is the Marcus Deli any good? Jessica Tonkin Making the switch from the beef ole, nachos, and the lasagna surprise sold in your high school cafeteria to the wide variety of food offered in college can be a liberating experience. You don’t have to listen to your parents anymore and can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. But is the food being offered on campus really all that satisfactory? One of the major complaints about most college cafeterias is that the food served is plentiful but not necessarily nutritious and healthy. In fact, my breakfast today came from the vending machine in the library.. Many students gained the freshman 15 faster than you can say, “Grill special, please.” College and graduate students often gain weight during their first and second year of school, because of poor eating habits. But gaining 15 lbs. may not be the biggest problem facing college students today. According to new market data from Technomic, the College and University Consumer Trend Report, states that out of the 16 million hungry college students, only 28% are satisfied with the healthy foodservice offerings at their schools. Low scores for food on recent Montana Tech student satisfaction surveys indicate students at Tech are not happy with the quality of food offered by the Marcus Deli in the Student Union Building. However, Austin Ranney, a junior in electrical engineering, said he “likes the food Tech offers and, when you use your Digger Dollars, it’s pretty cheap for students.” Ranney also said “the buffet is good and you can eat as much as you want.” Continued on page 3. Contact phone: 406-496-4241 email:

Technocrat April 2014 Issue

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