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Sweepstakes Winner 2006 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association THE WICHITAN VIEWPOINTS Finalist 2004 Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker Award Sept. 12, 2007 Staff Editorial New ed bill short of common sense Miracle of miracles, a new education bill made its way through the halls of Congress. Last Friday, both the House and Senate voted to increase financial aid. Part of the bill boosts the maximum Pel Grant, which goes to families making less than $50,000 per year, from $4,310 to $5,400 over the next five years. Currently, 65 percent of MSU students receive grants, loans, work-stuwwwdy and academic and athletic scholarships. Not only will the new bill save thousands of dollars for Admiration issue brings the old to light low- and middle-class college students, it also gives financial relief to students who plan on working in certain public service professions. The government plans on reducing interest rates on federally backed loans from 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent. In addition, a loan-forgiveness program will be instituted for college graduates who work in public service professions like nursing and teaching for 10 years. Starting in 2009, student borrowers will not have to devote more than 15 percent of their income to repay their loans. Right now that percent is arbitrary and could, in extreme cases, top 50 percent. For those choosing to teach math and science in lowincome public schools the government will offer an even sweeter deal. Students can get – while still undergraduates – CARLY BURRES FOR THE WICHITAN The definition of admiration is something or somebody who is regarded with a feeling of pleasure or approval, a hero of sorts if you will. But what does it really mean to admire someone and consider someone a hero? How do you really know when you are admiring someone and when you THINK you are admiring someone? In my opinion, admiration can be compared to love and lust. Most people at one point or another have looked at someone that they have been lusting for and been convinced that they were in love. Eventually people are able to decipher that love is not what they are feeling. With admiration, most people have had that person that they have looked up to and thought of as something great. When you are younger, and up to $16,000 in tuition assistance over four years. Students must maintain a 3.25 grade point average to be eligible and if they experience a change of heart the free money will morph into a full-blown loan. Bush said he plans on signing the bill into law. On the surface, all this sounds great but underneath it’s not so pretty. Grant-wise, a $1,000 rise over the next five years isn’t much money, especially with tuition constantly going up. Wannabe teachers too often don’t want to be teachers once they enter the classroom jungle. Within the first five years, only 30 to 50 percent stay in the teaching field. For others, it will be payback time. All said and done, a new bill sailed through Congress and it appears the president is set to sign it. For most students it will amount to little more than nothing. Thanks a lot. Copyright © 2007. The Wichitan is a member of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. The Wichitan reserves the right to edit any material submitted for publication. Opinions expressed in The Wichitan do not necessarily reflect those of the students, staff, faculty, administration or Board of Regents of Midwestern State University. First copy of the paper is free of charge; additional copies are $1. The Wichitan welcomes letters of opinion from students, faculty and staff submitted by the Friday before intended publication. Letters should be brief and without abusive language or personal attacks. Letters must be typed and signed by the writer and include a telephone number and address for verification purposes. The editor retains the right to edit letters. After these past six months however, I realize that I was wrong. The person in my life I admire most is the one who when he was in his early twenties and I was only sixteen, I had to help him bail his car out of “car jail.” Or the person who tries for two years to get his sister to attend a conference at another school so that I can participate in something special in his life. I can’t help but admire that painin-the-ass girl who is successfully learning how to teach children even though she has her own learning disabilities. Who do I consider to be a hero? I love you Devon Sawa but you are no hero of mine. My heroes are the old couples who have to deal with cancer and Alzheimer’s that just appeared out of nowhere one day. And the friend who will wake up at two in the morning because his friend is standing in the parking lot in 30-degree temperatures drunk and upset. After letting her cry on his shoulder even though she can’t begin to tell him why she is crying he walks her home and makes sure she gets in bed. I absolutely adore the person who was willing to give up friendships and relationships because someone was making fun of her best friend. The people I admire the most are the people who screw up on a daily basis in big and little ways. The person who began to find herself and change so much that I was no longer as big a part in her life, and I used something that she did as an outlet to express my anger and frustration…I still admire her. The people you admire are the people you can’t help but love and hold close to your heart regardless of what they do or say. They don’t have to do anything extraordinary or spectacular, most of the time they just have to be themselves and do the best they can with their life. Freshman copes with newfound freedom I took the Rider Raider sticker off the back window of my car the other day and in its place, I stuck my REBECCA FERGUSON n o t - s o - m a roon resident AD MANAGER parking tag. I found it kind of ironic that I was wearing my “Respect Your Elders” senior shirt at the time. I returned to halls of Wichita Falls Rider High School the Friday after my first week of classes. I went during lunch so I could sneak a friend Sonic. Leave it to me to get in trouble when I’m not even a student at the school anymore. And no, it was not for the large Sonic cup in my hand. It was for being out of dress code – something I was known for in my four years in high school. The teacher who stopped me was the same one who always stopped me. Although she never sent me to the office for anything, she loved to point out every little illegal item of my outfit. 3410 Taft Blvd. Box 14 • Wichita Falls, Texas 76308 News Desk (940) 397-4704 • Advertising Desk (940) 397-4705 Fax (940) 397-4025 • E-mail Web site: sometimes older, it is often someone in a celebrity standing. People feel that because celebrities are in the limelight there must be something special enough about them that they deserve all of a person’s admiration and adoration; because they played cool characters on TV, they must be super special. I know, I’m rambling. But I’m getting to my point. Within the past six months or so I have actually thought very hard about admiration and who I consider to be my hero. Excluding the Devon Sawa stage that I went through for a few years, I have never really looked to celebrities to be my heroes. But I never really considered anyone in my life to be a hero. I never really understood what it truly meant to admire someone enough to consider him or her a hero and someone to look up to. I always thought those people had to meet very specific and high standards that were indefinable. I’m pretty sure she got on to me the first day of my senior year and at least twice more that same week. I lost count soon after that. By the end of the year, we would just end up in friendly arguments about choice in clothing for the day. This time I wasn’t really “in trouble” per say, I was really just scolded for setting a bad example for the younger, less mature highschool kids. I just smiled and said that, no, really I wasn’t. I told her that I was just showing them what they had to look forward to when they graduated high school and moved toward their college career. I find it really weird now not to have a dress code anymore. I actually find it really weird adjusting to hardly any rules at all. It’s weird not having bells signaling the end of classes. It’s weird having your professor walk into class after you and not just standing there waiting for the bell to ring. It’s weird having students walk in late and not really get in trouble. It’s weird that I still feel like I’m in the classrooms at Rider since a lot of my graduating class stayed here. THE WICHITAN Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief Krystle Carey Managing Editor Brittany Norman Entertainment Editor Konnie Sewell Op-Ed Editor Christian McPhate Sports Editor Josh Mujica Photo Editor Patrick Johnston I think the weirdest thing is not having anyone to report back to. I have no curfew. I have no one to tell when and where to be. I can just as easily ignore the incoming call from “mom” just as easily as I can answer it. (And no, Mom, I would never intentionally ignore a phone call from you!) This freedom thing is definitely something I have to work on. Three hours of sleep is not a good thing, even on the weekends. I’ve never been good with managing my time, and this past weekend has only further proven that point. I’m already struggling to fit in the time I need for studying amongst my busy social life. I know most of you feel the same way – why should I be studying when I could go watch movies and eat pizza in the lounge with my girlfriends? It’s a tough situation for someone with little experience in keeping up with their own life. As I write this, I should be studying. When I do actually start studying, I should be sleeping. Hopefully this cycle won’t continue for too long. And hopefully it won’t take a Reporters Richard Carter Rachel Tompkins Courtney Foreman Advertising Manager Rebecca Ferguson Photographers Joel Abeyta Copy Editor Haley Cunningham Graphic Artist Robert Redmon Adviser Randy Pruitt really bad grade for me to get my act together; my parents are paying way too much for that. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining about the lack of rules or the constant scrutiny of the parental units. It’s just, well, a new stage in life to get used to. It’s only been a week and a half of school and I already feel like I could write a book about the experiences and challanges I’ve faced. I’ve never been one to remember homework assignments and I know my professors won’t hound me to turn things in I’ve already forgotten most of the faces I’ve seen, and there’s no way I can remember that many names. If you wave at me and say hi, I promise I’m not being rude, I honestly just don’t remember meeting you. There are those days when I’d rather live under a rock than deal with the stress and drama that seems to follow me everywhere but at the same time, there are those days that I wish would never end. I am slowly but surely getting ready for whatever college life has to throw at me.

Sept 12, 2007

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