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SWITCHITUP An administrative shift at MSU sees responsibilities for students, donations changing hands. LATEFINISH The men’s soccer team scores late goals in two home matches. READ pg. 8 READ pg. 4 wichitan ht e Wednesday October 19, 2011 your campus/your news going once... going twice... SOLD! to the highest bidder. An area at MSU can be named after you – if you have enough $$$. $25,000 Classroooms in Bolin, Bridwell, Prothro-Yeager and others* CHRIS COLLINS W RN $45,000 Lecture podiums and presentation equipment in Bolin ID W ES TE ant your name on a campus building? It’s as easy an opening your wallet. MSU, in an attempt to raise money, has launched a “naming opportunity” to attract private donations. For a set amount of money, individuals can have buildings, classrooms, halls or even equipment named after them. It isn’t cheap. For a contribution of $5 million, a donor can have his or her name branded on the College of Health Sciences and Human Services. Classrooms in most buildings run about $25,000. For an endowed chair, however, a donor will have to fork over $750,000. According to Dr. Howard Farrell, vice ST AT E EDITOR IN CHIEF M $50,000 Seminar rooms, writing labs, studios and lounges SOLD pg. 3 $100,000 Community center in Dillard, lecture halls in Prothro-Yeager COMMUNITY CHEST *does not necessarily reflect all donation opportunities. Page design and photo illustrations by Chris Collins. All photos courtesy. $5,000,000 Christ Academy, College of Health Sciences and Human Services $2,000,000 Regional Simulation Center $3,000,000 Sundance Court, Sunwatcher Village approximate cash donations 2009 - Oct. 17, 2011: $20,306,291

October 19, 2011

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