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Beauty queen Road warriors pg. 4 MSU junior Fatisha Imo crowned as Miss World 2010 – now she’s gearing up for Miss United Nation in October. pg. 7 Team Arrow wins South Central conference for fourth year in a row. wichitan ht e Wednesday April 25, 2012 your campus/ your news Sikes House spending tops $875,000 Constant maintenance keeps workers busy CHRIS COLLINS EDITOR IN CHIEF Upkeep on the Sikes House, the twostory presidential residence across Midwestern from campus, isn’t cheap. Since 2002, costs to maintain it have topped $875,000 as carpenters, electricians and custodians from MSU’s Physical Plant put in at least 2,400 man hours doing everything from manicuring the 43-acre lawn, unclogging sinks and toilets and Sikes House. Photo by PROFESSOR GARY GOLDBERG spiffing it up with paint. In 2010, the school spent more than $173,000 on the 9,000 gross sq. ft utilities of every building on South CamThe Wichitan obtained a list of expenstructure. In 2008 $152,379 was spent. pus. Services of housekeeper Norma ditures after filing two requests through In 2009, about $200,000 was spent at Fonseca cost about $25,000 annually the state Open Records Act. The univerthe home. The upkeep does not include during this time period. sity initially failed to provide work orders utilities, which are included with the Making the cut Photo by HANNNAH HOFMANN JAHMAL RICKMAN FOR THE WICHITAN Nick Bourgeouis is a multi-tasking, hands-on type of person. The 21-year-old junior, a member of the Kappa Alpha Si fraternity, is not only a ceramic art major and linebacker for the Midwestern State Mustangs, but a self-employed entrepreneur as well. The 6-foot-tall, muscular Bourgeouis, who has been cutting men’s hair since the summer of 2002 in his hometown of New Orleans, is a barber on campus. He has no formal training, but he does have a lot of customers. “The motivation was simple,” Bourgeouis said. “I got sick of waiting in long lines and then paying $12 to $15 for a haircut every two weeks. I must have messed up on cutting my hair about six times, like so bad I had to wear a hat before I got it done right.” He perfected his skills on himself until he reached high school, where he began to give trims to his close friends and football teammates before big games and pep rallies. Bourgeouis confesses that it wasn’t until he graduated from Trinity Cedar Hill High School and enrolled at MSU that a chance encounter convinced him to start charging people for haircuts. “I was walking to class one morning and this guy told me my hair looked really good. He mentioned he couldn’t find a barber and asked if I knew someone. I told him me.” “I told him $5 a cut. That’s how it all began,” Bourgeouis said with a grin. BARBER pg. 3 SIKES pg. 4 Mustangs signed to play Cowboys Stadium in the fall which game he would like CBS to cover. “There is a chance we can play on Thursday Sept. 12 at Cowboys Stadium and have it broadcast on T.V.” Carr said. BRITTNEY COTTINGHAM MANAGING EDITOR “The other side of that coin is if we are going to be featured on that Division Midwestern took a gamble last year II night there is a side of me that would when they were one of the few univerwant to feature Wichita Falls and Midsities selected to compete at Cowboys western State.” Stadium for the LSC Lone Star Football A home game gets better visibility to Festival. the university than Cowboys Stadium, It paid off. Carr said. The MSU Mustangs football team If the university wanted CBS to film bulldozed their way to victory last Sepduring a home game, Carr said he would tember and will be given the same opprefer against Angelo State University portunity to shine in the enormous arena the weekend of Oct. 13. in the fall. Dr. Howard Farrell, vice president The conference signed a two-year of university advancement, said having contract with the Cowboys and was apa presence in the Metroplex not only proved by all of the universities. works for future recruitment, but it also “The only dollar amount is the rentgives a positive name to Midwestern. al fees that fluctuate with the amount “Playing at Cowboys Stadium will litof usage,” erally be seen said Charlie by millions of Carr, athlet“Playing at Cowboys people who ic director. Stadium will literally be live in that “The ticket seen by millions of people area,” Farrell revenue said. “It is truwho live in the area. It is goes to the ly a win-win truly a win-win situation.” conference situation.” and divided Farrell said Dr. Howard Farrell among the CBS‘s desire Vice president schools that to feature play.” MSU football The Lone speaks volumes about the success of the star Conference will now be a two-day university. festival with games on Sept. 14 and 15. “The game gives people an opportu“Last year we had, between our stunity to go to the stadium and watch their dents, alum and fans, brought more peoalma mater and participate,” he said. ple than anymore,” Carr said. “We sold MSU president Dr. Jesse Rogers will on campus about 4,000 tickets.” make the ultimate decision that would MSU has drawn the Friday afternoon have to be made by May. slot and will be playing at 4:00. “One up is that it features the Cow“With being as close as it is to our camboy Stadium idea for the conference, but pus and with the number of alumni we then the other side is that if we are going have in the Metroplex and its Cowboys to move a game to Thursday then why Stadium,” Carr said. “How many people not have it here and feature our campus get to say they played in that arena. To and the community,” Carr said. me it wasn’t even a thought. It would The Division II broadcast would be do so much for our university, students, on regionally live on air and syndicated program and for our alumni.” nationally. Even though Charlie Carr said he isn’t “You don’t get the chance every day happy with the time, he is honored that to show off your university and your MSU has this opportunity. team on a national level,” Carr said. “It Another prospect for the MSU football is a tough decision, but at least we have program was offered by CBS who want a choice. They think enough of our proto air a game next season for their Divigram showcase us on T.V. We just want sion II Game of the Week. to do what’s best for the university.” Carr has yet to make the decision on Football game to be broadcast on CBS Junior Nick Bourgeouis makes his money cutting the hair of friends and clients. Student barber becomes dorm room entrepreneur from the Physical Plant – the bulk of the expenditures. Materials and labor are included in each work order but records show most expenses were for labor. In 2008, workers spent 884 hours there. The Physical Plant charged MSU $27,239. In 2009, 1,006 hours were tabulated along with $33,189 in Physical Plant expenses. In 2010, Physical Plant employees spent 432 hours there. Billing came to $27,120. Additional expenses by year were: • 2008: $15,551 in “routine expenses” which included $1,335 for house phone charges; $901 for cell phones for Dr. Karen Rogers and housekeeper Norma Fonseca; $4,053 for utility and bathroom wallpaper and the services of interior decorator Lynn Moran; $338 carpet cleaning; $16 for a silk table runner; $1,702 in general supplies; $986 for decorations; $150 for a steel dragonfly sculpture; $2,331 to repair of Sikes family silver; $3,704 to restore two oil

April 25, 2012

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