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Delaware Chapter Fall 2012 MS Connection Newsletter Bike MS: Beyond training wheels One of the most unfortunate realities of multiple sclerosis is that it often strikes people in the prime of their life - between the age of 20-50. Bike to the Bay – September 22nd and 23rd This tough reality was recently illustrated when Jack Osbourne, son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, was diagnosed at the young age of 26, having just become a father. His story has quickly elevated awareness about the disease. Here locally, Delawarean Jason Troyer was diagnosed in 2007, only six weeks after their second child was born. Jason, 26 at the time, was completely numb from the neck down. “I’m nowhere near where I was when I was diagnosed,” Jason said. “There are different challenges every day. It’s different for everyone. Despite living with MS, Jason, and many of his family and friends, ride in Bike to the Bay – this fall will mark their fourth year riding. He and his wife, Jenny, are the team captains of Team Beyond Training Wheels which got its name, according to Jason, because the couple INSIDE 04 THIS ISSUE MSQuerade 06 Advocacy Team Beyond Training Wheels at the 2011 Bike to the Bay was “on training wheels” when they began riding. Since then, they have come a long way and raised $7,600 last year! “Before forming the team, I didn’t do that much riding,” Jason said. “Most of the team was that way, too. But a lot of them jumped in and now many of us are doing the 175 miles. Story continued on page 3 09 Voting 12 Research

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