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Master of Science in Conflict Management Newsletter ™ Summer 2013 Letter from the Director In thhis Issue: Colleagues, alumni, friends, and supporters, It is difficult for me to believe that it has been a year since I first arrived as Director of the MSCM Program at Kennesaw State. Although, as I consider all the things that have happened in the last 13 months, I am in awe of the energy of the program students, alums, faculty, and staff! A look back over the last year of newsletters shows that faculty have had books and articles published, staff have created a new partnership and won awards, students have completed interesting internships and successfully graduated the program, alumni have been promoted and advanced their careers in exciting new jobs, and the program has taken exhilarating international and domestic study trips to Cuba, New Orleans, and Florida. All of that is in addition to the regular hum of our weekend classes! No wonder MSCM continues to be one of the most productive graduate programs at KSU. Just wait until you see what we’ve been up to this summer…. This fall I have the privilege of welcoming the students of Cohort XV into our program. That number is a significant milestone for the program that deserves some special recognition from everyone. Welcome to our community Cohort XV! I also have the privilege of welcoming a new faculty member into our program, Dr. Paul Story. Dr. Story is jointly appointed with our program and the Psychology Department. He has a PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University and his research interests include emotional intelligence, motivation, and group dynamics. We believe that Dr. Story will be a great fit for our program and bring some needed capacity and unique expertise to our conflict management team. Welcome Paul! Featured Articles ...2-3 Announcements...4-6 Upcoming Events...7 Faculty Accomplishments...8 As we start the fall semester, we wish Cohort XIV well as they head out into the community and world to do internships, research projects, and training. For a sampling of some, read on. We also look forward to Minneapolis for the Association for Conflict Resolution Conference and Ireland/Northern Ireland for our international field experience trip. As always, please contact us with news, events, job opportunities, or other information. A significant strength of our community continues to be our relationships to one another. All the best, Sherrill Hayes, MSCM Director Welcome Cohort XV!

MSCM Newsletter Summer 2013

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