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Master of Science in Conflict Management Newsletter ™ Letter from the Director Greetings, The spring semester is coming to a close (although we still await the arrival of spring weather in Atlanta) and it has been a busy one for the MSCM Program. In this edition of the newsletter you will see that KSU’s MSCM students have been spending the spring solving the world’s problems one (simulated) conflict at a time. A group of MSCM and INCM PhD students traveled to Florida for a humanitarian aid simulation in March and the Mock Mediation Owls took part in both a local scrimmage and a national competition at Brandeis in Boston in April. Both groups demonstrated that KSU’s students are the hardest working and most dedicated in the country! Thanks to all the students, faculty, and staff who made these initiatives possible. As summer and fall approach, current MSCM students are thinking ahead to field experience and the study trips. I would like to encourage those alumni and community partners reading this newsletter to make yourself available as resources. The students have questions about whether an internship or research project is better for them or if they should go to Ireland/ Northern Ireland for an international experience or if the ACR conference is a better use of their time. I find these questions are sometimes better answered by those of you who have been on the “other side of the desk”. As evidenced by the announcements section, we have an amazingly distinguished group of alumni. We also want to thank the alumni and incoming (Cohort XV) students who came to our Meet and Greet event at Meehan’s Public House in Vinings on May 1st. Spring 2013 In thhis Issue: Humanitarian Trip...2-3 Featured Article ...4 Announcements...5-6 Upcoming Events...7 Faculty Accomplishments...8 We hope to do more of these events and encourage as many of you to come as possible. As always, if you have news items (new jobs, exciting opportunities, etc.) please be in touch we love to hear from you. You can also stay in touch with us via our facebook page, we are also on Twitter, Linked In, or sign up for our weekly jobs list. All the best for a great summer ahead, Sherrill Hayes, MSCM Director Dr. Hayes’ Team A for Atlantic Hope Similation

MSCM Newsletter Spring 2013

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