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Weekend MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE Q FOOD FEATURE Q MOVIE TIMES Q F O O D F E AT U R E Charlotte Weber, right, takes a bite out of a chocolatecovered gelato bar. She’s seated next to her friend Nayuri Rodrigo, who joined her at Gelataio in Palo Alto. Below, a cup of Gelataio gelato with saffron and chocolate scoops and a hand-dipped wafer coated in dark chocolate. T here’s something different about Gelataio, Palo Alto’s newest gelato shop and the first retailer to open at brand-new development Lytton Gateway. It might be the two faucets behind the counter, reminiscent of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” out of which pour continual silky flows of milk and dark chocolate (in which employees dip wafer cookies, a traditional gelato accompaniment). Go see it for yourself if you don’t believe this reporter. It might be the visibly creamy rows of gelato — from hazelnut and chocolate to saffron and kumquat — that are made from scratch with all organic, as-local-as-possible ingredients in an open kitchen just feet away from the glass case the gelato is served from. But above all, it might be the sheer passion and commitment of a firsttime food operator with no experience in the industry, but who loves gelato so much that she traveled to Europe multiple times to do her own hands-on Continued on next page NEW GELATO SHOP MELDS ITALIAN AND CALIFORNIA SENSIBILITIES S Palo Alto’s own gelataio Story by Elena Kadvany Photos by Veronica Weber August 22, 2014 Q Mountain View Voice Q Q 21

Mountain View Voice August 22, 2014

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