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8FFLFOE MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE ■ FOOD FEATURE ■ MOVIE TIMES ■ BEST BETS FOR ENTERTAINMENT N F O O D F E AT U R E A BACKYARD HARVEST without the hard work START-UP INSTALLS, MAINTAINS ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENS FOR TIME-STRAPPED LOCALS Story by Lena Pressesky Photos by Veronica Weber K amila Lambert, founder of Edible Urban Farm Company, is optimistic about her gardening start-up in spite of this year’s drought. For one thing, her company, which installs vegetable gardens in customers’ homes and offers optional maintenance programs for busier clients, has seen success since the start of this year’s drier weather. “People are a lot more conscientious about how much water they are using,” she said. “They want to use water for a good cause ... and gardens give something back.” Many of her customers saw the potential in their expansive green lawns and the practicality of the water they could be saving. But Silicon Valley is full of busy people, and though they may buy organic produce from the farmers market, many couldn’t fathom growing it themselves. Enter Edible Urban Farm Company and Lambert, with her green thumb and gardening know-how. Lambert’s interest in gardening began at Santa Clara University, where she majored in public health science and environmental studies. She got involved with the Forge, the university’s community garden, where she learned the basics of what to grow, and when. During her junior year, she spent a semester Continued on next page Kamila Lambert, founder of Edible Urban Farm Company, tends to baby lettuce planted in a client’s backyard. May 30, 2014 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■ 21

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