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8FFLFOE MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE ■ FOOD FEATURE ■ MOVIE TIMES ■ BEST BETS FOR ENTERTAINMENT N F O O D F E AT U R E Story by Elena Kadvany Photos by Veronica Weber AUTHOR, LAWYER, RANCHER AND VEGETARIAN NICOLETTE HAHN NIMAN SQUARES OFF WITH MEAT INDUSTRY IN BOOKS A t first glance, Nicolette Hahn Niman is a walking contradiction. A vegetarian from Minnesota and former high-powered environmental lawyer who launched crusades against the U.S. meat industry, she’s now married to the founder of Niman Ranch, the Bay Area’s pioneering naturalbeef purveyor, and has become a cattle rancher who passionately defends the production and consumption of beef. But a closer look reveals an The unlikely cowgirl unwavering commitment to her original career crusade: working at the intersection of public health, food and the environment to fight for a more just and sustainable meat industry. Hahn Niman will be speaking in Mountain View as part of a Peninsula Open Space Trust lecture series on Monday, April 28, about her experiences and the host of issues surrounding industrial meat production, all of which is encapsulated in a book she wrote in 2010 titled “Righ- teous Porkchop: Finding A Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms,” and a second one in the works called “Defending Beef.” “Righteous Porkchop” (originally written under the working title “The Unlikely Cowgirl”) is one part personal memoir and one part detailed expose on the dark evolution of America’s pork, poultry, dairy and beef industries. The book follows Hahn Niman’s own discovery of these Continued on next page Nicolette Hahn Niman surveys the cattle on her family’s ranch in Bolinas. She will be speaking about her books on the meat industry on April 28 at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. April 25, 2014 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■ 21

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