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A spec ial GUID The Alm publication prod E anac and uced by Mountai the Palo n View Alto Wee Voice kly, TO 20 13 SU MM ER CA MPS Camp Connec Summ FOR K IDS er 201 3 INSIDE THIS ISSUE tion Summer Camp Connection 2013 FEBRUARY 22, 2013 VOLUME 21, NO. 4 650.964.6300 MOVIES | 18 Toxic fumes found in more sites EPA to step up outreach on TCE danger TCE vapors found in Google offices By Daniel DeBolt TCE VAPORS REACH UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS; EFFORTS TO REMEDY IT IN PROGRESS A fter the Voice discovered a number of residents on Evandale Avenue had no knowledge of newly discovered toxins creeping under their street and possibly into their homes, the Environmental Protection Agency says it plans to do more outreach in the area. The news last week that part of a large groundwater plume contaminated with TCE (trichloroethylene) had found its way down Evandale Avenue was shocking to North Whisman Road resident Jane Horton, whose home was found with unsafe levels of TCE vapors in 2003. “My reaction was, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Horton said. “I have attended countless meetings where we’ve always been assured the plume is contained” and doesn’t go much further west See TCE DANGER, page 11 By Daniel DeBolt A MICHELLE LE Testing for TCE, a known carcinogen, has found surprisingly high levels of the toxic chemical, left behind from early silicon chip manufacturing. ‘Joke’ brings police rushing to high school MUSIC TEACHER SAYS STUDENT IN GAS MASK, CAMOUFLAGE MEANT NO HARM By Nick Veronin T he Mountain View High School senior who caused a stir by wearing camouflage fatigues and a gas mask to school on Valentine’s Day was described by one of his teachers as a “musical genius” and “wonderful kid” who had “no clue of the ramifications of what he did.” “I don’t think he would step on a bug,” music teacher Robin Kramer said of Christopher Egerton. The 18-yearChristopher old’s Feb. 14 Egerton prank brought officers from Mountain View and Los Altos police departments rushing to the school and its surrounding neighborhoods. No one was injured in the incident, and no weapons were found, police said. Meant as joke According to Kramer, Egerton “sometimes has trouble picking up on social cues,” and hadn’t really considered how frightening some might find his getup. INSIDE The teacher, along with parents, students and other community members are defending Egerton, saying that the teen’s post-high school career shouldn’t be derailed by this one poor choice. As Kramer tells it, the gas mask was not intended to instill fear in his classmates. Egerton was riffing off the school’s Valentine’s See SCHOOL JOKE, page 9 fter a carcinogen was found to be seeping up from contaminated soil into buildings, Google is working to protect employees from a mess left behind by the Valley’s earliest tech companies. Over 1,000 Googlers moved into “the Quad” near Whisman Road and Middlefield Road in June of 2012, an area once home to Fairchild and Intel, among others. Those companies used TCE (trichloroethylene) as a solvent in the manufacturing of the first silicon computer chips, leaving behind a massive plume of contaminated groundwater discovered in 1981 — one that may take many more decades to ‘The potential health concern is long-term exposure to TCE.’ ALANA LEE, EPA PROJECT MANAGER clean up. Though regularly tested since 2003, in December Google’s new buildings at 369 and 379 Whisman Road were found for the first time to have TCE vapors above the EnvironmenSee TCE AT GOOGLE, page 11 MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE CELEBRATES 20 YEARS | page 5 VIEWPOINT 13 | GOINGS ON 19 | MARKETPLACE 20 | REAL ESTATE 22

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