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Asian attempt Yucca de Lac restaurant seems to be lacking WEEKEND | P.16 JUNE 22, 2012 VOLUME 20, NO. 22 650.964.6300 MOVIES | 19 Valley’s birthplace haunted by Nobel laureate’s dark past By Daniel DeBolt P MICHELLE LE Jacques Beaudouin, reflected in silicon disks, talks about the pioneering work done at the Shockely lab in Mountain View. Council happy with no-bid trash contract By Daniel DeBolt L eaders of Recology could breathe a sigh of relief Tuesday when the City Council supported the garbage contractor’s proposals for a new contract instead of going to bid for the first time in over 80 years. “You look like you are walking on air,” it was said of a Recology official’s expression at the end of Tuesday’s study session. Council member Ronit Bryant said she remained “uncomfortable” about not putting the contract out to bid, but she and other previously hesitant members did not object when asked if they supported continued negotiations with Recology for a contract that must begin in April 2013. Residential rates could go up by 1 to 3 percent, while commercial rates could increase over 20 percent for new recycling and food waste collection services. With a vote on a final contact expected in September, City Council members are INSIDE set to weigh the cost benefits of various proposals to up the city’s recycling rate. Recology promised a bill over two years that would reflect a two-year freeze on employee wages, while proposing increased recycling services at a cost comparable to other cities, said Lori Topley, Mountain View’s solid waste program manager in a report. Two potential bidders on the city’s garbage contract spoke, including Michael Gross of Green Waste Recovery, which promises use of the country’s first dry anaerobic digester. It composts organic waste and uses the gas produced to make electricity. “These are not little fantasies, this is happening in San Jose right now,” said Gross, who promised meeting the city’s waste diversion goal “from day one.” “My grandfather had the contract in Mountain View back in 1939,” said Louie Pelligrini, president of Mission hysicist William Shockley may have introduced silicon to the valley, but efforts to save his former lab building in Mountain View have been stifled by Shockley’s controversial views on race and intelligence. Developer Merlone Geier is offering to buy Shockley’s former lab building at 391 San Antonio Road — currently housing the International Halal Market — to expand a major redevelopment next door. The owner’s unwillingness to sell seems to be all that stands in the way of scraping a site acknowledged as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Proposals made by former employees of Shockley to preserve the cinderblock building as a silicon museum or designate it a city or state historic landmark were passed up by officials in the 1980s and 1990s. Jacques Beaudouin, a Mountain View resident who once worked for Shockley at COURTESY JACQUES BEAUDOUIN William Shockley was a pioneer in Silicon Valley and a controversal figure. 391 San Antonio Road, said at least one of the mayors he spoke with raised concerns over Shockley’s beliefs, and he says others probably also shared the concern but See SHOCKLEY, page 14 Hospital expects a profitable 2013 EL CAMINO IS MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY FOR A NON-PROFIT, UNION OFFICIAL SAYS By Nick Veronin be in the black by about $56 million next year. fficials with El Camino Hospital However, if the year goes anything are expecting 2013 to be a good like this past fiscal year, El Camino year with a $56 million profit may be on track to deposit more than for the Mountain that. The hospiView-based healthtal made nearly care organization. million more ‘The goal of a non-profit $25 The hospita l than it budgeted district’s board of is not to make as much during the fiscal directors passed the year ending this budget unanimously month. Accordmoney as you can.’ at its June 19 meeting to hospital KARY LYNCH ing. documents, as of Hospital finance April, the hospital officials are budgetis on track to fining to spend about $623.8 million ish out June with $60.2 million in net on operations in the 2013 fiscal year, income — $24.9 million more than the which is about $42.4 million less than $35.3 it budgeted for in June 2011. El Camino expects to make in total That level of profit concerns Kary operational revenue. After factoring Lynch, a psychiatric technician and in the approximately $13.5 million in investment income, the hospital should See HOSPITAL, page 10 O See NO-BID TRASH, page 10 VIEWPOINT 15 | GOINGS ON 20 | MARKETPLACE 21 | REAL ESTATE 24

Mountain View Voice 06.22.2012 - Section 1

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