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8FFLFOE MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE â–  RESTAURANT REVIEW â–  MOVIE TIMES â–  BEST BETS FOR ENTERTAINMENT N R E S TA U R A N T R E V I E W Where everybody knows your name HOMEMADE FOOD AND LOCAL BOOKS ARE THE DRAW AT MAIN STREET CAFE & BOOKS By Sheila Himmel E ating at Main Street Cafe & Books is like dropping in at a neighbor’s house, more about the friendliness than the food. Many customers are greeted by name, asked about their latest trip or their kid’s T-ball game and if they want their usual latte. Solo diners and sippers often sit at the counter and chat with the staff and Jamie Tomaselli, nine-year owner of the cafe at the V-neck end of downtown Los Altos, where Main Street meets State Street. Even if you’re a stranger in town, the staff makes an effort to be nice. Breakfast is served all afternoon. There’s nothing as complicated as omelets or even fried eggs, but you can get scrambled eggs with cheese on a croissant ($6.95) and add bacon, ham or sausage for $1.25. The granola is made in-house, as are most of the baked goods. The fruit and the orange juice are fresh. Plates, bowls and silverware have heft. A good cup of coffee is $1.55, in a solid china mug if you’re staying. There are plenty of opportunities for vegetarians, as long as they eat eggs and dairy products. Vegetable salads range from spring mix to Caesar to Mediterranean (with olives, artichoke hearts and feta cheese). MICHELLE LE Main Street Cafe & Books tempts customers with a variety of pastries and desserts. Continued on next page Dining ON THE TOWN Since 1945 $)"3$0"-#30*-&3 %BJMZ -VODI 4QFDJBMT BNUPQN .PO'SJ 2011 7PUFE ²#FTU#VSHFSÂł GPSZFBST JOBSPX BTSFQPSUFEJO UIF.UO7JFX7PJDF #SFBLGBTUPO8FFLFOET 0QFOEBZT GPS-VODI%JOOFS .PVOUBJO7JFXÂ…8&M$BNJOP3FBMÂ…   Spices for Health CHINES EE UNG K NEW T E HOUSE L NOOD 8 AN AMERIC EĘźS CLARK OAL C CHAR R BROILE Camino Real 7-888 650-94 Dr., owers 520 Sh w g Ctr.) ie Shoppin Mtn. V io n to n 5 San A (inside nks $2.7 ice Plates earl Dri R P / l ll ia o c R e Sp Egg Soups/ Noodle rting at $5.00 ta Meals s El 615 W. w ie V Mtn. 7-0851 650-96 Hamburger st e Voted B a Row. g. in rs tio Dinin Y 16 tside Pa u O l fu Beauti CHINES E E AM ICE CRE O LASSIC C O T GELA treet HUĘźS d CHEF CSan Antonio Roa . 1067 N f El Camino o r e n cor os Los Alt -2696 8 4 -9 0 65 eseâ€? est Chin eekly B 0 1 0 “2 W A P e& MV Voic S Castro 241 B w ie Mtn. V -2900 9 650-96 ITALIAN INA DI LA CUC A VENTI I PIZZERar Avenue, e 1390 P w ie V . n t M Food 4-1120 650-25 f Inspired Italian e h m Fresh, C vp www.m Because Natural Is Better! Wholesale Herbs, Spices, Teas, Tinctures, Oils and Extracts since 1969 SAN FRANCISCO HERB & NATURAL FOOD CO. 47444 Kato Road, Fremont 4OLLs0HONEs&AX If you would like to be listed in DINING ON THE TOWN please call Brent at the Voice at 964-6300. May 4, 2012 â–  Mountain View Voice â– â–  25

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