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ISSN 1757-5419 Issue 12 – April 2011 If Ever I Should Leave You By John S. Barker Illustrated By Matthew Freyer Page 2 Kid Intestines By Christopher Glazer Page 7 Woodbury By Brick Marlin Illustrated By Vladimir Petković Page 8 Misery of the Pickled Punk By Lawrence Barker Page 12 May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot By Kurt Fawver Illustrated By Charlie Zacherl Page 15 Deviation By Edward Rodosek Page 20 Sharp Edges By John F. D. Taff Page 23 Killer on the Road By Dameion Becknell Page 29 The Hunger Inside By Charles A. Muir Illustrated By Martin Blanco Page 31 Flying Monkey, Angry Moon By Martin Slag Illustrated By Ian Welsh Page 34 The Last Ride By Lenora Farrington-Sarrouf Page 40 Into The Painting By Carey Borgens Page 42 Cover art By Pablo Vision - blogspot at Proofread By the Morpheus Tales Proofreaders – All material contained within the pages of this magazine and associated websites is copyright of Morpheus Tales. All. Rights Reserved. No material contained herein can be copied or otherwise used without the express permission of the copyright holders. 1

Morpheus Tales #12 Preview

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