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SOME EXITS SOME EXITS TRAVIS CEBULA TRAVIS CEBULA lives in ISBN 978-0-9801650-3-6 9 50695 780980 165036 MONKEY PUZZLE PRESS Golden, Colorado with his wife, Shannon. His poems, photographs, and stories have appeared in The Talking River Review, Bombay Gin, Apothecary, In Stereo Magazine, The Strip, Whrrds, Eleven Eleven, The Bathroom, and Monkey Puzzle. In 2008 he was a finalist for the Third Coast Poetry Prize. TRAVIS CEBULA Travis Cebula’s poetry is a visual and auditory convocation of images, a celebration of sight and sound both beautiful and tragic at once. From “interstate to pasture,” an adventure awaits you in Some Exits. SOME EXITS TRAVIS CEBULA

Some Exits

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