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RECONDITA ARMONIASTRANGE HARMONIES OF CONTRAST AXE THE GP TAX Is a five-dollar GP tax bad public policy? Kanika Batra > CULTURE/ PAGE 11 > POLITICS/ PAGE 7 INTERVIEW WITH JOHN HOWARD I regard it as a compliment if people said: “I can’t stand him but I do know what he believes in”... > FEATURE/ PAGE 4 February 2014 MON DROIT N.U.S. Conference a farce Conservative leaders Bronwyn Bishop, Tony Abbott, John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull all survived Sydney University. How will you? Welcome to Sydney University. Having chosen the best university in Australia, you now realise that you must contend with the smell. A smell which emanates from outside Carslaw (the ugly building next to Eastern Avenue lecture theatre, which is the ugly building next to the Law Building). In particular, it emanates from a table - the socialist’s table. > CONTINUED PAGE 2 SUPRA THROWS AWAY $$$ ON WEBSITE Callum Forbes Juris Doctor, II A recent decision by the Postgraduate Students Representative Council (SU PR A) epitomises a culture facilitating the inefficient spending of students’ money. Months after being tasked with coordinating a new website for the organisation, a motion was put forward in November of 2013 to accept a quote sourced by paid Councillors to spend $6,000 for the development of a new website. This is despite other Councillors having gained support from a local IT company to develop and complete the website project on a pro-bono basis, costing SUPR A absolutely nothing. The logic of an organisation that already has a forecast budget deficit to spend money on items available for free demonstrates a complete lack of economic sense had by members of some be representative.” Motions discussed at the conference included “ F o e t a l Pe r s on ho o d Laws”, “Opposing Zoe’s interstate Law”, “Opposing Abbott correspondence A ppoi nt i n g H i m s el f Women’s M i n i s t er ”, La Trobe University in “Queer Refugees”, “Tony December 2013 was the Abbott is Threatened by venue for yet another failed Homosexuality” and othNUS National Conference, ers which bore little to no with the realistic link event being “It is a disgrace that to student m a r red issues. student money is by violent still being wasted protests, “NUS also on an event which reported passed a continually fails to cl a i m s o f motion to benefit everyday assault and spend hunstudents” a severe dreds of lack of cot hou s a nd s operation between delegates of dollars of students from different factions. money on a blatantly partisan campaign that “It is a disgrace that student smears Tony Abbott and money is still being wasted Christopher Pyne.” on an event which continually fails to benefit every- UWA Delegate Rebecca day students” says Claire Lawrence says “This was Chandler, Australian Liberal my first time at an NUS Students’ Federation (ALSF conference and I was dis)Convenor and Tasmanian gusted to see the amount NUS President. of student money being poured into such a dys“The National Union of functional organisation. Students continues to cater Due to riots and general for career socialists rather lack of competence on than regular students, and the part of the conference that is a real shame for an organisers, policy debate organisation that claims to didn’t start until the student organisations. Seeing money wasted is frustrating. Seeing your own money wasted can be infuriating. All students at the University of Sydney have reason to be at the very least frustrated with the waste and inefficiency demonstrated by the SUPRA. You’re funding it. A s st udents of the University of Sydney, we each give the members of the SUPRA council $11.19 to spend on our behalf through our compulsory Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF). This provides SUPRA with $1 million from our own pockets to spend as they desire. SUPRA is the postgraduate student organisation of the University and promises a broad and frankly fanciful > CONTINUED PAGE 12 second night of the fourday conference. When it did, it was clear that the views expressed on conference floor were wildly unrepresentative of the views of everyday people.” An organisation with a primary focus of funding violent rallies (in which they congratulated themselves for organising disgraceful violent protests in Melbourne in October) and lobbying in favour of a tax on students will inevitably fail to contribute to public debate and continue to prove itself a devastating waste of student funds. NUS uses union fees for partisan campaigns THERE WERE NEVER IN THE WORLD TWO OPINIONS ALIKE

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