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Monash is based in Melbourne, Australia. The world’s most liveable city* N City of Melbourne Monash University, Victorian campuses This guide could change your life N 100 km Parkville Undergraduate Course Guide 2013 For International Students City of Melbourne 5 km 20 km 50 km Parkville BUS TRAIN TRAM Caulfield 5 km 20 km Caulfield BUS TRAIN 170 km 50 km TRAM Clayton BUS 170 km Clayton Port Phillip Bay Berwick BUS TRAIN Peninsula BUS TRAIN Gippsland Port Phillip Bay BUS Berwick TRAIN Peninsula Gippsland Monash also operates in China, Malaysia and South Africa and has centres in India and Italy. *In a ranking of 140 cities all around the world, Melbourne ranked as the world’s ‘most liveable’ city (Economist Intelligence Unit 2011). This ranking is based on standards of education, infrastructure, culture and environment, healthcare and stability. For more information visit Australia China india italy Malaysia south africa The Monash online Course Finder lists courses available for study in 2012. New courses commencing in 2013 will be listed from July 2012. Diecut folder for-final2.indd 1 12/06/12 5:21 PM

Undergraduate Course Guide 2013 – For International Students

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