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PARK ALL MTN BIG MTN POWDER WOMENS YOUTH MMNT 20 - 14//15 PARK ALL MTN BIG MTN TOUR POWDER WOMENS YOUTH The Hot Mess is like that friend you had in high school: a little bit crazy, but a whole lot of fun. We designed her to rip into hardpack and bounce right back, with a high-energy core, a narrow 87mm waist, and a dual-radius sidecut that makes carving short- and long-radius turns equally easy. Mullet Rocker gives you grip on the groomed, plus soft snow and crud performance that leaves traditional camber eating from the kids’ menu. Early season, late season, or all season long, the Hot Mess will party with you, hold your hair back, and never tell a soul. SPECIFICATIONS SIZECM 158 168 T/W/TMM 115 - 87 - 103 115 - 87 - 103 SIDECUTMM 16 19 PROFILE MULLET ROCKER Rocker in the tip and camber underfoot, with micro-camber sections before and behind the binding. Easy turn initiation, stability and maneuverability for variable snow, with powerful edge hold and turn exit on hardpack. CONSTRUCTION BASE EDGE LAYUP CORE SIDEWALL 1.2 mm Durasurf 4001 Sintered 2.2mm Rockwell 48 Steel Standard Layup Aspen / Pine UHMW Polyethylene MULLET ROCKER ARTIST MAX LOUIS MILLER FLEX 5 / 10 MOMENTSKIS.COM 775.527.1595

Moment Skis 14/15 Catalog

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