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montessori June 2012 Drama at MMS By: Sylvia Aslanian, Drama & Technology Teacher What’s Inside: UF PROJECT HEAL & MMS PAGE 3 CAMP CRYSTAL PAGES 6-7 MENTAL HEALTH CORNER PAGE 8-9 CLASS UPDATES PAGES 10-39 END OF THE YEAR AWARDS PAGE 40-41 CALENDAR PAGE 44 QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER FROM MILLHOPPER MONTESSORI SCHOOL Since January starting with auditions, the students have been preparing for Willy Wonka Kids. What makes our program so unique is that the students are able to adjust and simulate to various environments for rehearsal. They are also able to have a rehearsal for 30 minutes and walk right into Spanish, or Math or History, or get back to their work plans. Sometimes we are in the classroom, sometimes we are outside and sometimes we are in the media center. No matter where the location the students quickly gauge which side is stage right and stage left and get ready to perform. Leads pick a day or two a week after school for individual rehearsal on their character. Starting in May, Fridays are devoted to full run–throughs, and this is when the show becoming to come together as a single unit. It is important to note that students are working in their classrooms while awaiting their turn to rehearse during these Friday run-throughs. It is amazing to me each year that this process delivers such a successful play, given the fact that the students only rehearse one day on the stage and rehearse in between classes. The director at PK Yonge commented to Ms. Martha last week that he didn’t know how we do it each year as his students who are older, practice for their shows on the stage each rehearsal and for at least two hours in one rehearsal. This is Drama at MMS - It is just part of what these students do in a days work at school. This year through students being ill, many absences and many adjustments, the students worked hard to create a show that made them proud. Willy Wonka Kids was a fabulous, magical show!

June 2012 Montessori Monitor Newsletter

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