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montessori Spring 2013 Choosing a Private School for Your Child and the value of an accredited school What’s Inside: MMS STUDENTS RAISE FUNDS FOR OXFAM PAGE 3 FIRE DEPARTMENT VISIT PAGE 4 CLASS UPDATES PAGES 6—27 SCIENCE PAGE 29 TECHNOLOGY PAGE 31 PERFORMING ARTS PAGE 34—35 CALENDAR PAGE 36 For More Information, please visit our website at: by Christina Miller, President, Millhopper Montessori School There are many decisions parents need to make when selecting a private school for their children. It is not uncommon for parents to select their homes based on which public schools are designated for their neighborhoods. Selecting a private school eliminates a decision based on school zoning, but therefore, it often requires traveling a little farther and sometimes without bus service. Selecting a private school also requires parents to make more decisions. Variations in tuition, hours of operation, certification of teachers, curriculum, religious versus non-religious, and school’s accreditation are all important considerations. Not all private schools go through an accreditation process. Accreditation agencies vary, and this requires a higher level of scrutiny for parents. Of course, if tuition is not an impasse, the choices abound for parents to find the right school for their children. First of all, parents must visit several schools, the more the better. Then, observe classrooms, and speak with teachers when available. Ask about the turnover rate of the teaching staff as well as the teacher’s credentials. Observe classes in action either by sitting in the classroom or observing through one-way windows. It is important to always ask if the school is accredited and by whom.

Montessori Monitor Spring 2013

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