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Take Teaching to the Next Level Where Microscope and Mouse Meet Connecting to a Global Community of Educators Matt’s Media Tips 9-4 Don’t forget about the Back-to-School Webinar Series! That’s right - we’ve got a whole bunch of webinars lined up for you when you return to school. Case in point, we’ve created a Back-to-School webinar series just for you! Click on this link to register for one or all of the sessions The series runs from August 8, 2012 to September 27, 2012. The Monjan Index Every once and a while our VP of product Development checks in with me to get a sense of how educators from around the country are reacting to the features and functionality within Discovery Education. He calls this the survey “The Monjan Index.” I feel like I have a pretty good pulse on our community but I’d love to have some real data to provide Bob the next time he asks. And for that I need your help. Here’s a link to a quick and easy five question survey to see how you really feel about the new enhancements to the site. I’ll share the “index” with you all as the data comes in. The series will explore the exciting enhancements to Discovery Education, showcase how to engage your students with Discovery Education, and provide tools for Discovery Education administrators. We’ve made sure to give you lots of opportunities to join and each topic will be repeated multiple times so if you miss one webinar you can catch it again later. And, once you register for your session(s), we’ll send you reminder emails before your session starts because we know how hectic the beginning of the school year can be! And Speaking of Webianars...Please join me for a special Matt’s Tips and Tricks Webinar on Monday, September 10, 2012 Come and hang out with me as I deliver a special webinar that revisits some of the favorite tips and tricks from last year and unveils new tips and tricks for this year. Bring yourself and bring a friend and let’s learn from each other!www Registration links are listed in the Webinar section on page four.

Matt's Tips and Tricks 9-4-2012

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