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Take Teaching to the Next Level Where Microscope and Mouse Meet Connecting to a Global Community of Educators Matt’s Media Tips 9-17 Links to my Best of Matt’s Tips and Tricks Presentation PowerPoint version of my presentation: PDF version of my presentation: In case you missed last Monday’s Matt’s Tips and Tricks Webinar, I’ve included three different links to the presentation so that you can have it in three different formats: PowerPoint, PDF, and Keynote. Within each of these presentations I link to past editions where I covered things like streaming closed captioning on macs and pcs, embedding an eReader into your Writing Prompts, converting PowerPoint and Keynote slides into images, and great web 2.0 sites for easy photo editing and digital storytelling. There are also a few new sites that I think might interest you thrown in for good measure! Keynote version of my presentation So pick a presentation, any presentation, make it yours, and share the good stuff! New DE Thoughts? And speaking of sharing - we would love to know your thoughts! Can you let us know what you think of the new Discovery Education by filling out this quick fivequestion survey? And, if you’re feeling extra generous, I’d love to know your thoughts on Matt’s Tips and Tricks as well! Matt’s Tips and Tricks Feedback

Matt's Tips and Tricks 9-17

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