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Take Teaching to the Next Level Where Microscope and Mouse Meet Connecting to a Global Community of Educators Matt’s Media Tips 7-19 Greetings! I hope you’re reading this by the pool, in the shade, or sipping something nice and cool like some refreshing lemonade. Welcome to Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks - July Summer Edition. Throughout the year the Discovery Education team collects feedback from educators, administrators, and students. We then use that feedback to update the look, feel and functionality of Discovery Education by the by the time you go back to school in the fall. Three things that you should know about this summer: 1. Discovery Education is going to be releasing a number of new enhancements this fall. These include things like: a. being able to see a transcript of the video simultaneously play when the video plays b. being able to click on sections within the transcript to either jump ahead or rewind to exactly that section of the video (so cool!) c. being able to stream closed captioning on any device (pc, mac, mobile) as well as change its color and font size d. being able to make quick lists of anything within Discovery Education e. being able to visually browse and search for content and a whole lot more 2. Students and teachers can still access Discovery Education over the summer. Don’t forget that once you have a username and password to Discovery Education you can access it anywhere and anytime! a. this means that students and their parents can access great resources from home b. this means that educators can still go in and play. For example you can: i. check out how to embed an eReader into your Writing Prompt (Matt’s Media Tips 9/19/2011) ii. download and play Discovery Education CC videos on your iPad (Matt’s Media Tips 2/6/2012)

Matt's Media Tips 7-16

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