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Take Teaching to the Next Level Where Microscope and Mouse Meet Connecting to a Global Community of Educators Matt’s Media Tips 6-11 If you’re reading this today you may be asking yourself - uhh Matt...hello...where have you been for the past two weeks? The staff at Matt’s tips and tricks works tirelessly around the clock to bring you new and innovative ways to incorporate digital media into your curriculum. Much to the relief of the editorial, writing, and production staff they were allowed to take Memorial Day off to go outside, and enjoy the summer weather. They were having such a good time that...well let’s just say they took an extended day. But we’re back and ready to share. Since most of our readership is now reveling in their own summer break we’re going to publish Matt’s Media Tips once a month in June and July and then resume the weekly publication schedule when you return to school in Mid-August. Three things that you should know about this summer: 1. Discovery Education is going to be releasing a number of new enhancements this fall. These include things like: a. being able to comment on assets they you use (like videos, images, songs, etc). You’ll be encouraged to share how you use this media in your instruction. And others will be able to see and/or continue the thread.s b. being able to stream closed captioning on any device (pc, mac, mobile) as well as change its color and font size. c. being able to visually browse and search for content and a whole lot more Stay tuned for the August Matt’s Tips and Tricks and Webinar series which will explain these enhancements in detail!

Matt's Media Tips 6-11

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