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Take Teaching to the Next Level Where Microscope and Mouse Meet Connecting to a Global Community of Educators Matt’s Media Tips 3-26 Can you Picture This? Last week I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Dean Shareski (@shareski) participating in his fantastic Digital Storytelling session. During his session he explained how you can tell a story in just six words. While this format is not a new concept it is definitely a great writing exercise. In 1920 Ernest Hemingway was credited with authoring one of the first and most poignant six-worded stories ever written. Legend has it that his colleagues bet him that he could not write a story in less than 10 words. His response? “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” So this got me thinking, and Googling, different six-worded stories to share with you. I found a bunch of great stories, but the one on the right was one of my favorites. Within Discovery Education you have access to over 28 thousand images - all of which could be used to tell a great story. Creating a six-word story is a great way to incorporate writing into your classroom. Here are six ways in which I think you could make these stories work: 1. Use as an activator to introduce a concept. 2. Use as a short formative assessment. For example, you’ve just taught a lesson on the Life Cycle, Water Cycle, Bicycle (sorry couldn’t resist). Now challenge your students to find an image and create a six-word story that demonstrates their understanding of the concept. 3. Use as micro-grammar lesson 4. Introduce a lesson on similarities and differences “247” Van Horgen and Anne Ulku. Six Word Story Every Day. September 14, 2010. Accessed March 25, 2012. sixwordstoryeveryday/4991426617/in/photostream 5. Combine graphic art and writing to create a story or an ad that you might see in online or in a print magazine

Matt's Tips and Tricks 3-26

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