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Take Teaching to the Next Level Where Microscope and Mouse Meet Connecting to a Global Community of Educators Matt’s Media Tips 10-15 The Digital Decoder: Digital Tools to help improve reading - Part Two Last week we explored four different digital resources that, when combined with the first three reading strategies outlined below, could help your students improve their reading and become even more engaged with the text. This week we’re going to explore how to use Discovery Education and six other digital resources to help students predict what they will be reading, re-state what they’ve just read, and make connections to the text that they are reading. The reading strategies that we are examining during this series are as follows: 1. Breaking down the sounds - Phonemes (Last week) 2. Chunking unfamiliar sounds and words (Last week) 3. Re-Reading (Last week) 4. Predicting 5. Re-Stating 6. Connecting to the Text

Matt's Tips and Tricks 10-15-2012

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