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Occupational Medicine Native American Open hits Lakeview — Page 11A wednesDAY Since 1893 june 2, 2010 2 4 pa g e s 75¢ 117th Year — No. 187 B r e a k in g N e ws a t a r d m o r e i t e . co m A r d m o r e , O k laho m a ▼ Ardmore Higher Education Center Summer enrollment is up again By Jennifer Lindsey A surge in summer enrollment at the Ardmore Higher Education Center has continued for the second straight year. In summer 2009, the center’s staff saw a 17.5-percent increase over any summer enrollment they have had before. This year’s enrollment is about 8.5 percent higher than 2009. Although the number might change slightly once classes begin, AHEC currently has 810 student enrolled for summer 2010. “This confirms that this surge is not an anomaly due to an economic downturn, but shows a trend of higher enrollments at the higher education center,” said Dr. Steve Mills, director of the school. The pattern of increasing enrollment follows increases in both the fall and spring terms, which resulted in more sections of courses, being added to accommodate the increase. Summer enrollment is still about half that of the spring or fall terms. “It’s a lot less students, so it’s easier to accommodate,” Mills said. The summer increase will cause class sizes to be larger than in years past, but no extra sections or professors will be needed. Mills said summer students are different than those seen during the rest of the year. “In the summer, we have students who attend college somewhere else who pick up credits here and then go back,” he said. “We get more traditional students enrolling in courses.” Education courses, especially master’s courses, are popular summer offerings. “Teachers take classes when 72 percent of state’s 4th graders reading below peers TULSA (AP) — A recent national study reports that 72 percent of fourthgraders in Oklahoma are reading below their grade-level proficiency. More than four out of five children from low-income families fail to reach the proficiency level in reading, according to the National Assessment of “When kids Education Progress. are not ready In response, the Annie E. by fourth Casey Foundation released grade, they “Early Warning: Why Reading have a steepby the End of the Third Grade er hill to climb Matters,” an the rest of effort to make reading a na- their lives.” tional priority. “Until third — Linda Terrell grade, children are learning to read. After third grade, they are reading to learn. When kids are not ready by fourth grade, they have a steeper hill to climb the rest of their lives,” said Linda Terrell, executive director of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. “We must decide to prioritize the crucial supports necessary for children to reach their full potential. Their early reading success is one of those critical areas. “If we fail to prioritize this for all our children, the U.S. will lose a growing and essential proportion of its human capital to poverty. The price will be paid not only by individual children and families but by the entire country.” don alquist/the ardmoreite Jeb Hammons swims laps for American Red Cross lifeguard training at the Ardmore Community Water Park pool. Program Coordinator Carmel Jones, upper right, oversees the testing. Red Cross offers free lessons Temperatures are soaring, and with the heat comes the lure of a cool dip in a pool, pond, lake or even the ocean. For those with good swimming skills, the experience is not only refreshing, but offers the perk of being great exercise. But for those who lack the ability to swim safely, the water can be a deadly temptation. Carmel Jones, Ardmore Red Cross swimming coordinator, says it’s not just a good idea, it’s vital that everyone know how to swim. And that is the goal of the Red Cross’ free swimming lesson program, which will begin June 21 at the local water park. “Red Cross swimming is about water-proofing America — that was the commodore’s (Wilbert E. Longfellow) vision when he started the program in 1914,” Jones said. “The commodore’s Jennifer Lindsey 221-6536 ▼ U.S. Study Swimming For Life By Marsha Miller they are out of school for the summer,” Mills said. While the school has not seen such large increases in enrollment before, the center has had a steady increase over the last six years. Adding together summer, fall and spring enrollments, AHEC is serving 1,000 more students than it did six years ago. vision was to prevent drownings.” The Red Cross offers a variety of swimming lessons focusing on children from infants and toddlers to progressive lessons from beginner to advanced levels, including lifeguarding and water safety instructor. Jones said once a child perfects the skills in one class they automatically qualify to “move up,” and can often advance more than one level during the summer sessions. See swim, 7A See Reading, 3A ▼ Campaign 2010 Congressman Tom Cole speaks Tuesday at Main Street Coffee, one of his campaign stops in Ardmore. Listening at left is Jocelyn Markley and at right is Marjorie Brown. Cole makes stop in Ardmore By Steve Biehn don alquist the ardmoreite Allergy Testing Monday & Tuesday 9 am - 4 pm 908 N. Rockford • 226-7771 U.S. Rep. Tom Cole made a campaign stop in Ardmore Tuesday, speaking to both the Ardmore Young Professionals at Cafe Alley and a group of supporters at Main Street Coffee. Cole announced he will seek a fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents the voters in the Fourth Congressional District, which runs from south Oklahoma City to the Texas state line and includes Norman, Ada, Ardmore and Lawton. “Today I am announcing my intention to seek another term as the representative of the Fourth Congressional District,” he said in a written statement. “I remain committed to and passionate about the things that motivated me to seek this office in the first place.  Over the coming months I look forward to traveling throughout the district and asking my fellow Oklahomans for the honor of representing their views, values and interests for another two years.” News Items Ardmore (580) 221-6524 or (580) 221-6593 Partly cloudy High: 95 Low: 71 Outside Ardmore (800) 873-0211 Fax — (580) 226-0050 Classified Comics Digest Food Lifestyles 4-8B 3B 4A 1-2B 5A Obituaries 2A Opinion 8A Sudoku 4A Sports 11-13A Weather 2A See Cole, 3A Home Delivery Ardmore (580) 223-2200 Outside Ardmore (800) 873-0211 C M Y K


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