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designed for the exact task),” they wrote on the Web significant contributions to undergraduate education. site that chronicles their 35,000 nautical mile voyage: Her course for undergraduates, 16.00: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design, culminates When Newman wasn’t on the open sea, at the helm, or cooking mahi mahi for dinner, she was teaching. She visited middle school and high school classrooms in Puerto Rico, Panama, Australia, Mauritius, South each year in what has become an MIT tradition: a race of student-designed blimps. It has attracted many engineering students — among them a growing number of women—to the aerospace branch of the field. Africa and other locales that span the spectrum of tech- Professor Wesley Harris, head of nological and economic development. She educated Department, is a big fan of Dava. “She has a rare mix students in science and technology, geography and of energy, vision, technology and policy. These traits exploration, and oral history. With NASA’s help, she are the foundation of the engineer of the future,” he connected her international students with their coun- says. “Her contributions to this department, the insti- terparts in the U.S. through video links, and organized tute and the profession will be profound.” videoconferences between the students and NASA astronauts and scientists. the Aero-Astro Newman’s students say she is highly supportive and persistent in encouraging them to do their best work. One of the goals of her sabbatical was “to excite Annie Frazer, a graduate student of Newman’s work- students about exploration, space travel, and what it ing in the Man Vehicle Laboratory, says, “Even though takes to get there—science and math,” says Newman. she’s always on the go and doing 10 things at once, Another was to make students around the world she’s surprisingly laid-back and easygoing.” aware of how their perceptions are shaped by “where and how they live.” Laid-back and easygoing, yes, but she’s a driven academic and professional, too. She holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Notre Dame; a A PASSION FOR TEACHING master’s in aeronautics and astronautics and another Newman’s passion for teaching is renowned at MIT. in technology and policy, both from MIT; and a doc- In 2000, she was named a MacVicar Faculty Fellow for torate in aerospace biomedical engineering, also from Faculty Profile: Dava Newman 37

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